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Bending space-time and alternative timelines

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Bending space-time and alternative timelines

By SunBôw (originally published on May 29, 2016)

Last night after chatting with Kelly, we each had some significant dreams related to time-space continuums that we shared today. Many messages lately are related to time-space consciousness.

I’ll share here part of the interpretation I wrote of her dream that she described concerning the cosmic calendar and the one I had.

The calendar sounds like the wheel of time, which has diffferent rings turning independently from each other, as several parallel timelines. It’s like a compass of time-space continuums, comparable to an astrological chart , with each ring representing a different dimensional realm that can be independently adjusted to connect with parallel dimensions or timelines observed in different star systems. Somewhat like an interdimensional star gate, calculating the right combinaison where portals bridge realms.

It this way, this tool can be used to choose alternative timelines and thus different possibilities of destinies, since all timelines do not evolve at the same pace, so some with higher frequencies can bypass the limitations of the slower lower ones. It’s like a map of the omniverse that can be folded to connect distant points and speed up the evolutionary course by avoiding long detours.

Our relationships change forms just like the bodies we incarnate in different eras. But our deepest spiritual connections remain beyond the forms. Just like matter only takes form in space-time when it is observed by consciousness, otherwise everything only exist as waves of possibilities. So is our consciousness until it incarnates into form.

We are meeting again and reconnecting over time to carry on our respective and collective missions, through the teachings we have shared and the ones we each have gathered on our paths.

interd flight

I also had a vivid dream last night after we talked. More like messages, but I hadn’t had any significant ones in weeks.

I saw my astral body floating above and heard the guidance of Elders teachings me about interdimensionality and time-space bending. Hard to describe in details and words, but will try.

My astral body was fully aware and it got pushed in and out of my physical bodies a few times in a row, waking me up each time it would return in its physical shell. On moment I was in dreamtime hyperspace, seeing my connection with all that is beyond space -time, and the next moment I was landing in my body to wake up.

It happened a few times in a row fast enough so my conscious memory could register the process when landing from 3D back in 4D (this is how they have been explaining it to me, 4D being linear time). After a few times doing it, I realized that I was switching not only dimensions but also timelines. When up in the astral 3D I could feel that I was able to fly off across hyperspace at the speed of thought, as if no space or time limitations applied in dreamtime.

Then each time I would wake up in our familiar 4D linear time, I could feel my physical limitations in the space where I’m enclosed, while feeling that time was slowing down considerably.


Wondering about the meaning of the experience, my guides explained to me that we can switch from one dimension to the other pretty much at will, but we don’t have to leave one to reach the next one. Our consciousness remains the same and connects the dimensions wherever and whenever we focus.

It’s like turning on and off a light switch they explained, as they were playing with the switch. But which side is on and which side is off depends on perspective and focus. In dreamtime we are brought into an astral plane where it is only a different light than on the physical level. They showed me that we can put the switch in between off and on and stay aware of both dimensions at once.

So at the end I could see my astral body and my physical body at the same time, acting independently of each other and on different timelines. I was shown that while my physical body sleeps or does whatever in 4D, my astral body can still be active and act on its own independent faster timeline in 3D hyperspace.

This was a great revelation for me and a teaching that we don’t have to disconnect from a dimension to be focused on another one. In fact, to bridge them in an interdimensional entaglement we have to stay aware of both planes at once, like living on parallel timelines, one without space-time limitations and one in this linear evolutionary timeline. Hard to put in words, but this is it…

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