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Experiencer story, by Rosie Neal, from Florida

Yesterday (06/04/18) I had an interview with Todd Medina on Soul Speaks 5D.

(See video in previous post). The meeting was organized by Rosie Neal. Today she wrote this account to me and allowed me to share it here. Thanks Rosie for the good work.

By Rosie Neal

Great Show… I am the one stepping up to the plate bringing us a Platform. I want you back on the Show as I put together a huge website in the next 2-3 weeks we will be selling your products on that website. And I will set something up for you and Kelly and her husband. And anyone else that you recommend if you are interested. Fantastic show such humility integrity and Grace thank you for bringing your PRESENCE.

I’m going to talk to Todd and see if I can’t get him down to Washington end of August through September and do a live feed with you guys. If he can work the time out I will make availability and then I’ll work it out with Kelly her husband and you and whoever else. I will do whatever is necessary to get your word out and your products sold. With infinite love and gratitude.

Just after your show finished yesterday. My granddaughter took a pic of my with my great Grandsons. I received kisses from the Sasquatch energies for having you on the Show. My Heart felt them so Connected. I forgot to send to you yesterday got side tracked. So sending them now.


Thanks, at last night’s fire Ceremony I was blessed again. The air became so pixeled. Everyone could see the magnetic fields. Love you ALWAYS & in ALL WAYS.



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