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Ongoing connections and communications, the Sasquatch Family is growing

Ongoing connections and communications, the Sasquatch Family is growing

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Greetings to all in our Family of friends of Sasquatch,

Life has been blessing us with fantastic encounters and happenings recently, driving me to share a few of the main events of the last days. A couple nights ago, I heard a gentle call and a few thumps behind the barn. I recognized the same female voice I had heard a couple times at night last week. This time I greeted her, sending her welcoming, peaceful and loving thoughts and within minutes she projected her astral form, crouching just in front of me. She was very tall and all white, with a very kind, soft energy, a bit shy and curious. I knew right away it is the same local Elder that has been communicating with Dean for five years. I felt honored by her visit, which seems to mark the beginning of a new friendship.

Last night, I saw Kamooh in the rock shop. He was testing different rocks, knocking them together to hear the different sounds produced. He told me that every object has it own frequency and stones, by their lasting nature, keep tuned for a long time. By learning to tune their tones in harmonic resonance, we can create healing frequencies and simple devices harmonizing energy lines, enhancing vortices and opening interdimensional portals. These singing or ringing stones have been used by the Star Elders to activate planetary healing grids and energize magnetic fields and psychic potentials of any given place.

He said the Sasquatch appreciate our respectful use of rocks and stones for healing or artistic purposes. If we understood the particular magnetic properties of different minerals, their chemical components and molecular symmetry, we could create free energy devices that could power a whole planetary grid. With the use of tuned and synchronized waves like sound, we could transform molecular structures and transform the states of any substance; stone can become soft or liquid, while air could become solid.

Without going into deeper details for now, I will end this account with the last event of the day, when we had the visit of Jonathan, a medicine man and road man, with his young helper Wind, of the Carrier (Dene) Nation from the northern BC/Yukon area. They soon told us that they have been working with the Sasquatch and include them in their ceremonies. They were just returning from a ceremony where they were told by Sasquatch they had to meet a man whose name they could not figure out clearly, but thought it sounded like Ya-Bo. After we talked for moments, they said I was the one they had to meet.

Wind has known the Sasquatch since a child, when he was playing with the young ones, they swam and washed together and they carried him on their shoulders. We had many stories to share and are planning on getting together for a special tipi ceremony on the mountain to connect with the Sasquatch. It was a powerful and somewhat emotional meeting for all of us and we look forward to the continuity.

We have connected lately with a growing number of experiencers in this region and it seems like our Elders are gathering us in a network for close encounter and peaceful interspecies communication.

We are gratefully giving thanks for all the blessings, allies, connections, support and for your interest…

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7 thoughts on “Ongoing connections and communications, the Sasquatch Family is growing”

  1. Reblogged this on gimixiblog and commented:
    Very thoughtful respectful article articulating communication with Sasquatch. I do believe they are real beautiful beings. In a way I am glad people don’t believe they exist because hopefully they will be left in peace. They deserve that respect and love.

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  2. Lovely post, must have been a lovely expierance. My question: Wouldn’t that change the stone? without going off the deepend in my question ill just leave it at that at least for now. Energy transforms.. yes. but.. 💔 wouldn’t that change the stones? rocks. crystals. clusters. any kind any shape or form. I know crystals can .. w vibration, friction, pressure, umm.. I don’t think heat.. can increase the energy it holds… but that doesnt mean we have to smash it to put off some energy. etc.. but not all stones are “crystals” yet I do see (visualize) energy coming from multiple other geometric shapes esp in rock material.. I cannot so easily produce such things w my hands to show someone lol but I see it clear as day and until further research I can only feel it may be what you speak of as well. Curiosity is killing my cat I HAD to ask & thank you so much for your time & thoughts.

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    1. Everything including stones has its own specific frequency. This frequency can be altered and changed with other frequencies or waves like sound, in a way to transform the frequency and hence the substance of any matter. Tesla said that to understad the Universe, we have to think in terms of energy, waves and frequencies, because that’s what makes everything. So all frequencies and substances can be altered under the influence of other frequencies. Hope this answers your question…

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      1. it does 🙂 thank you
        Tesla. I swear i think if I lived in his time I would have been his… housekeeper. 💘muajahha. Tesla is hawt. He has always got that “I know something you don’t know” look about him. 🔥

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