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Video interview and insights, by Brian Bland from BC

By Brian Bland

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In my opinion the main thing that connects us to the Sasquatch people and the universe is raised consciousness, and this is also the only sure fire way we will evolve as a species.

When i had my epiphany in 2012 I had this instant knowing of oneness and connection of everything. All one/all connected. When your in this state of awareness there is no way that you can keep up the boxes that we invent to separate us by race, religion, nationality, politics, beliefs ect, and we can no longer live the lie. Knowing it and living it are two different things however. For me personally it is a work in progress and I fall into the old negative habits like anyone, but I have the tools to apply myself now.

The Sasquatch people are far more evolved than us in many ways, and their understanding of this simple fact is one of the key ones. They do not place one individual above the other although they designate duties due to necessity. They do not have a monetary system, garner possessions, kill and manufacture wars for profit, or indulge in the lower vibrational habits that keep us there.

In the old days before the white man came there was trade between some Indian tribes and the Sasquatch people, and interaction was not uncommon. When the white savages or “Civilized man” arrived and destroyed the First Nations culture the Sasquatch people also backed off. Can you blame them? They simply chose not to interact with such savages. The native way was far closer to their ways in matters of spirituality, respect for the land and each other, and the knowing that all things are one and connected.

In the last number of years many people have been waking up, so to speak, and the Ancient ones have reappeared to assist us in this transition. It stands to reason that this will benefit the whole, bearing in mind the all connected ideal.

When we tilt the balance of light and dark to more light the change will happen, and we will evolve to a higher understanding and higher purpose. Listen to our Elder brothers, they are here to guide us in this journey and this transition.

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