Sasquatch masks in BC tribes

“Generally speaking, most wood carvings (masks and totem poles) depicting the Sasquatch are those of the Kwakiutl Tribe in British Columbia, Canada. The carvings depict either the female Sasquatch which has long hair and whistling lips, or the male which has no hair and a straight, open mouth with exposed teeth. The female is called D’sonoqua (several spellings and a proper noun). The male is called a buck’ was, or just buckwas (not a proper noun). The interpretation is either “wild woman of the woods,” or “wild man of the woods,” as applicable.”

However, the most ape-like mask ever found was one created by a native of the Tsimshian Tribe, also of British Columbia. This mask was created in about 1850 and invites considerable speculation as to what inspired the artist to create it.

sasquatch bukwas male

Native people in British Columbia, (homeland of the Sasquatch) appear to have created most of the wood carvings showing the Sasquatch. Just how far they go back in history is difficult to determine, but definitely long before non-Native people took an interest in the creature.”

sasquatch masks



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