SCENIC: 111th day report and news

Cosmic disclosure about non-human intelligence and interspecies communication teach us that we are not alone to carry knowledge and consciousness in this vast Multiverse. The bigger picture is far greater than our limited Human story and perspective.
With SCENIC we have opened a portal for disclosure of sensitive info about our Cosmic Family, allowing experiencers and contactees to reveal their first hand communication with non-human intelligent beings like Sasquatch, Star Elders or other humanoids.
In 3 1/2 months, our website has reached over 20,000 views by over 7,100 visitors from 99 countries. We have published over 200 articles, received over 500 likes and have 110 followers. We have replied to emails, about half of our posts were submitted by readers. We also share our posts on social medias like LinkedIn and several FB groups and pages.
We have also reported sightings and contacts and conducted expeditions on the grounds. These experiences and messages open our collective consciousness to higher dimensions.
We will continue to be actively involved in the cosmic disclosure and in networking to connect and gather interspecies communicators, contactees, experiencers and seekers.
Our efforts and motivation are guided by the wisdom of our spiritual Elders, for the best interest of all our relatives in our Cosmic Family, and we will continue to contribute with the best of our abilities in this global awakening with the means and resources available from a grassroots level. Our aim and long term goal is to develop SCENIC into a collective interactive planetary network actively involved in sharing information about disclosure.
Thanks to our new donor today B Kerb for a generous donation of $100. We have now reached $725 of our $8888 annual goal. Our fundraiser had been stalled almost to a still for two months. Thanks to all our allies, supporters and donors, past, present and future, who contribute in the cosmic disclosure about non-human intelligence and help promote peaceful interspecies communication and higher spiritual relations. Best blessings…
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