Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, Sasquatch dream, by Lambert

By Lambert

Here is the dream I had on 5/31/2018.

I woke up this morning at 4:44 am, and then set two intentions. The first intent was to have a dream that showed me where things are in the world, and the second intent was that when I fell back asleep to have a vivid dream that I would remember. As luck would have it, I was not disappointed.
I emerge in the dream that I am running down a hall way, with beings that look like Sasquatches / Chewbacca following me with clubs and making yelling like noises chasing after me. Waking up in the dream at this point, I am unsure as to why they are chasing me, and why I’m running down a hall way inside of a high school that I didn’t go to.

I end up running into a room closing the door behind me and lowering some piece of wood into place in order to catch my breath. The bottom 9 inches of the door is missing. I am sitting about 6 feet – 8 feet away from the door on the floor with my back up against a wall. I can see myself sitting there, and I am about aged 19 or 20 in the dream. I am catching my breath and also sitting with my head in my hands. I am confused as to why I’m here and what is going on.
I look back at the door after a few seconds and I see this white and light brown sea shell from the beach coming sliding in on the floor. It is about the size of a Canadian toonie coin. I look at it, and then reach over and pick it up. Turning it over in my hand, I notice that there is now what looks like a toddler Sasquatch squeezing through under the door, trying to get to me. I just watch in fascination as I see this little guy push pull and grunt his way through to get in.
Once he is in, he looks at the shell, and then looks at me. Somehow I know in my mind, that my picking up the shell was acceptance that he could enter the room to be with me. He walks over to me and puts out his arms like he wants to be picked up, the same as a little kid would do to someone bigger than them. I don’t even think as instinct kicks in and I just pick up the little guy and give him a hug and then give him the shell to look at.
A couple moments after this, a pounding begins on the door and I get a yelling telepathic message in my head. “Give back the little one or we will break down the door to get him and you.”
To that thought I think back, “I do not want to hurt this little guy, he is so young and innocent. We are all just doing our work in the love and light of the creator. We have known each other as we are each other over different lifetimes.”
The little guy can hear this being sent as well, and he climbs down off of me, walks over to the door and as he looks to me, he unbars the door while flashing me a toothy “Im up to no good” smile.
We go from that to me standing holding the little guys hand with my left hand, facing a group of 25-30 Sasquatches. While holding his hand I walk the little guy back to their group and give him to one who I had assumed was his mother. I then hear him say “See you guys, you were wrong, they have changed.”
The biggest one of the group steps forward, and I offer my hand to shake which he takes. He then pulls me into a big hug and tells me thank you for all you are doing for humanity. You are on the right path.
I then wake up. Some afterthoughts about the dream.
I love this stuff. It is like watching a movie that takes place and seeing it first hand of what is going on. The message I get out of this one is that humanity has to be accepting of things that we may not understand. I have had other dreams, with the Arcturians, where it is like there are 5 or 6 of them standing in a line across from me, and I am standing with my family, and we are just looking at each other, and I take a step forward to hug one of them and say welcome back brothers and sisters.

We are going to have to be accepting of things that we currently may not understand. This is okay, there are those of us here who are having many memories return of things that we know we used to be able to do, yet no idea of how we know how to do them. This is okay, and when you find something new that resonates just thank the universe for listening and responding to your soul.


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