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Balana and I

I am so honored to be in communications with Balana. This picture was drawn by a close friend. It depicts him and I under my plum tree in my backyard. Balana is a Sasquatch clan leader in the area where I grew up out in the mountains outside of Junction City, Oregon. Before I moved up there at the age of five it was told to him by an Eagle. I wear an Eagle talon given to me by my father around my neck. The story goes that one day Balana was in the forest and a bald eagle flew into the forest and landed on a branch and looked at Balana. Telepathically the Eagle said “I have brought a message to you from the Star Elders. A young boy will come and he will be a messenger of your people. He will open many hearts to your people’s ways. Please teach him and protect him.” The Eagle flew away and shortly after I moved up to his area. I am so happy and honored to walk with the Sasquatch people and carry their message to the humans. One day the gap between humans and the Sasquatch will bridged and we will reunite as brothers.

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