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Experiencers story, by Christina Schwind

By Christina Schwind (one of the speakers at the 3rd Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat, August 31st to September 2nd 2018, in Chewelah, WA)


A Sasquatch Tale 

Summer 2012

One sunny hot summer afternoon, I was driving on the peak to peak highway in Colorado.  We were on a trip exploring the a wild natural hot springs that was just outside of Basalt.

There was a lot traffic and construction.  The traffic was pretty much a stop and go as we drove in these tight lanes defined by those concrete barriers.   I was driving with my husband and kids in the car.  The kids were 10 and 12 at the time.

It was a narrow part of the canyon.  The river was on one side and a steep canyan wall was on the other.

Out of the blue , I felt this sense of somebody doing a ‘hail mary’, kissing their hand like they were holding a rosary and doing the cross blessing from forehead to heart and shoulder to shoulder. And then my sense expanded and I saw in my minds eye, this ‘being’ had just launched into a full on sprint down the canyon wall towards the the traffic.  I could tell that he was a he and that he was very large and covered with black furry looking hair all over his body.

As he descend down the canyon face towards the traffic, I had this knee jerk response of “NO NO NO!” kind of like when you see a deer leap out into traffic and you are terrified for them.  It was just like that.

So I’m scream “NO NO NO…What are you doing!”.  My husband and kids are yelling “What, what, what! What is it?!”.  My husband thought I was witnessing an accident taking place up where the construction works were.

The next moment, I saw the being run right through all the traffic, never getting hit.  Leaps over the concrete barriers like a gazel and into the river and disappears.
This appeared plain as day to me.  It took me a second to realize that my family in the car did NOT see what just happened.

That moment when the sasquatch disappeared into the river seemed to have lasted for minutes.  I broke out in a hysterical laughter.  By this time my family thinks I’ve lost it, trying to make sense of my behavior.  In the breaks in my laughter as I gasped for my next breath, I told a joke.

“Why did the sasquatch cross the road?…

“To get the next dimension!” 

We all broke out in hysterical laughter, feeling a bit crazy and not caring too much about it.

My husband then asked me, “what the hell just happened?”

So, then I went on to explain.

To this day the kids and I tell each other that joke…. and we still laugh about it!

Since this day my relationship with the Sasquatch Peoples has deepen greatly.  They are very close inter-dimensional neighbor of our human plains.  And they have immense wisdom teachings that support humanity’s awakening to the galactic mind.

Source: LightBodyInc




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