Lesson 12 from Balana

Lesson 12

Today under my plum tree I received a huge burst of loving energy from the Sasquatch. It felt so good and comforting. Every care in the world slipped away and I was at complete peace. I felt them surrounding me. It was the council again. I opened my mind so they could give me thought forms. Bam! A subject was imprinted. Then I heard them say “We will let Balana talk to you about this. He can speak to you of this issue.” I said ok and Balana’s presence emerged. Hello my friend I said. “Hello Mike” said Balana. Another lesson today? “Yes” he replied. What was the subject the council had imprinted to me? It was something I have been pondering on for few days. I knew it was coming.
You know, as we interact with other humans that have supposed contact and communication with other Sasquatch, how do we know if what they are receiving is legit? I mean how do we know we are not being deceived. I only ponder this because there are several people I know that have supposed close contact with the Sasquatch people and I just don’t feel they are telling the truth or they are being lied to. I only wonder because what if honest people who are looking to make contact and grow in their relationship with the Sasquatch get led astray. I brought this to Balana.
“First come to us. Anyone wanting to know more about us come directly to us. We will not lead you astray. Ask us your questions and seek a relationship with us and we will under our timeline interact with you. If you seek answers among your humans you quite possibly might be led astray. Come to us first and in a most genuine manner. We will show you the truth if your heart is pure. Granted we may not come in a specific way that you are expecting so keep this in mind. Keep your mind open and we will talk to you.”
“If you do go to other humans which is entirely ok remember that not all supposed humans that say they talk to us or do certain things regarding us are telling the truth. How will you know? How can you tell the people who are deceiving you? We will give you the feeling. If something doesn’t seem right we will let you know. You will feel that something is off. We are here to help you and if any among you are what you call charlatans we will let you know through telling you, giving you the feeling, or some other way. But remember there are several among you that are ignorant to this. At no fault of their own believe everything. Yet they are being deceived and don’t know it. They think their deception is real. Some know very well they are deceiving the masses. When in doubt, call upon us to make clear what you can’t.”
I thanked Balana for the short but very crucial lesson. It is true that the Sasquatch community can get messy. There can be fighting and name calling. There can be one upping and big egos. There can be hoaxing and big heads. But what it boils down to is the Sasquatch see through the human bullshit(excuse my typing language). If you want to know the truth go out in the forest and ask them with a pure heart. Then wait for their response. They will respond but you must not expect it a certain way and listen. If you feel that someone is being untruthful or being deceived, you have two options. One, talk to them and try to understand their point of view and learn more about it. Two, move away from them and let them walk their path. Many blessings and Nameste.

11 thoughts on “Lesson 12 from Balana”

  1. This is an excellent question and one I’ve been asking myself lately. It’s the reason I’ve been asking so many questions here to somehow verify what I’m feeling and a source of confirmation one way or the other. I really do appreciate the input.

    It seems that my path has taken a completely different route than it did a couple months ago. When I first started being bombarded with thoughts about the Sasquatch, my vision for myself changed, to complete a question I had about where I’m supposed to be for the next leg of this ascension process? And this is where the Tall Pines came in.

    I watched the movie, Letters from the Big Man, and it felt like this movie was a preview of coming events for me. It was terrific. This morning as I walked in the dark, I heard small branches of trees being broken as I passed by the trees/scrubs. You can literally hear a pin drop at this early morning hour and this was something coming in very clear.

    I’m not hearing any names or how to address anyone and I wonder if I should have that information at this stage of the game. It doesn’t feel like deception to me, just that lots of info is still not forthcoming. What are you thoughts about this?

    Thanks so much.

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    1. When dealing with our friends in the forest don’t expect them to communicate in a certain way. They use so many ways to communicate to us. Verbal utterances almost never happen but have to others in the past. It is just a more difficult way to communicate. Mind speak (a booming word or sentence that seems to be in your mind) happens more frequently. But the way I communicate with the Sasquatch the most is through telepathy. This consists of visions, thought impressions, ideas, and even reading like sentences in my head. It only started when I began to reach a higher consciousness through meditation. It may not be lack on their part but they may be waiting for you to lift your consciousness to easier communication.

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      1. It’s a good start Jot. In the last 3 years, I have seen and assisted dozens of people who have made their first contacts and developed their connection with the Sasquatch. Things are happening faster now, as the Sasquatch have promised and as this knowledge is being disclosed. But it takes patience, good will, pure intentions, efforts, sincerity, humility and a peaceful loving heart, because they can read right through our souls. For me it took about 33 years of contacts before I could sit with them and channel their messages. Thankfully, it has been faster than this for most. The support of a community of contactees and communicators is a very precious help in the process, just like ancient shamanic tribes had teachings and practices to prepare them for such encounters. Blessings on your quest…

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  2. Thank you Mike, Balana and the Council of Elders of addressing this important topic. I know of its authenticity not only from deep resonance, but also as I have been receiving similar messages for a while, but had no time to transcribe. Glad and grateful they are using you as channel. Best blessings to our Family…

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  3. Thank you SS and Bode, I am listening at every frequency level for more info and although I hear and see quite a bit, I am now trying to decipher what information is coming from who….Much is manifesting Sasquatch wise, this site is an example. I asked a week or so ago for more info and folks I could speak with regarding my Sas experiences and immediately your site showed up in my morning email. (Thank you)…..Lots of heart rocks and goodies left in my path as well.

    I’m also getting that I will be (happily) required to help the tribe to bring about more awareness in the community. When the humanitarian funds are released, perhaps you’ll have ideas of how to enhance your work. Building a Sasquatch center for the community? More teaching opportunities for everyone and housing/sanctuaries for international groups who visit, etc? I imagine the creations are endless. It all feels very exciting.

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    1. Good ideas. We follow the guidance and go with the flow on this blessed journey, that has been an amazing fulfillment of gathering contactees for cosmic disclosure through different platforms and events, like the annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat in late summer. It has been a blessed journey of awakening and enlightenment that leads us always further and higher into a rising collective consciousness, as it unfolds and will keep making ripples for generations to come. Thanks for your input…

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