Earth Man & Dreaming Beauty: My Mythic Journey, new book by Daisy Pongrakthai

By Daisy Pongrakthai

Earth Man & Dreaming Beauty: My Mythic Journey, excerpts from Daisy’s new book, with the kind permission from the author. Thanks Daisy for mentioning SCENIC, and for quoting the Sasquatch Message to Humanity and my interview.

Weaving the major themes of polarities, frequencies and self-work, the book covers spiritual relationships, loving and trusting one’s Self, greater communion with Creator-Source + Cosmic Community, and the inner discipline necessary to free one’s self from lower-density programming. With a special emphasis on the Divine Feminine aspect of ourselves and being a Vessel of Love, Daisy encourages humans to use these feminine qualities to conduct relations and heal relationships to bring Mother Earth living into a New Norm – one that serves the Soul for the highest and best good.

Sasquatch Quotes from

Earth Man & Dreaming Beauty: My Mythic Journey

by Daisy Pongrakthai

The Sasquatch are Interdimensional, loving beings who are highly misunderstood and they are not depicted properly in the controlled media arena, so I recommend being curious and seeking research from valid sources, such as Kewaunee Lapseritis’ lifetime work with these Earth-Galactic emissaries, or Sunbow, another Sasquatch ambassador, who launched an informative site called SCENIC – Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication ( The Sasquatch Message to Humanity books by Sunbow and Kelly Lapseritis (Book 3 contains a number of Ambassadors) are also a good source for learning more about how they are helping us and the upward evolution of human consciousness.

Kelly Lapsiritis writes about Soul Mates in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity in Book 3 transcribing as follows:

“Each soul has many Soul Mates who have arranged to incarnate together. All beings have many interchangeable Soul Mates that vary from existence to existence. Soul Mates enter our lives at necessary times to teach us lessons and assist us on our life path, sometimes personifying a positive or negative experience. Soul Families are large and Soul Mates could be male, female, animal, or spirit. All of these soul and twin connections may or may not be a romantic connection, and the purpose of these connections are for soul advancement.

“This is where the concept of marriage and commitment to relationships vary greatly between human laws and spiritual laws. Human societies condition us to believe that we should have one romantic partner for life, but this idea is causing a great disservice to souls. Like all relationships, our souls are meant to experience and grow but not all will do that at the same pace. Soul Mates enter our lives as a divine expression to self; to inspire and teach so that we can advance to the next level of understanding. There is no shame in allowing a relationship to take different paths; this is how the individual soul can truly grow. Once we have discovered that our mates are a mirror of our own vibrations, and a commitment is made to move yourself into a higher level of being, your relationship may change to allow room for a greater one ahead. Light cannot separate from Light, we are all One, no matter how our experiences may differentiate.”

Meditational Routine

Practice meditation. You’ll find that you are carrying within your heart a portable paradise. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Establishing a “New Norm” within ourselves requires a commitment to certain behavior patterns and to do so, a meditational routine is crucial for positive change, growth and advancement into that New Norm – that of the more divine-feminine nature of light, love, forgiveness, generosity, nurturing, humility, compassion, beauty, joy and peace. Meditation quiets the boisterous shadow-ego so our divinity can ascend, or another way said, transcends shadows, hence removes the clouds blocking our innate spirit-selves.

“Practicing meditation regularly assists in conscious communication with your own Higher Self, including your physical body, so that you can allow yourself to heal through compassion and understanding. This is achieved by entering different alpha and theta brain wave states in the mind.” ~ Kelly Lapseritis, The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3

The question becomes how am I influencing my reality? Do I know my thoughts as they pass? Or emotions as they arise? Becoming more acutely conscious is a big key to a big doorway called Freedom – freedom for your self, freedom to know the truth of your self, and freedom to be what you want to be.

“When a person writes down what they wish to manifest and then states them out loud, it focuses that energy and your thoughts towards the creation. When this is done with two or more people, it is magnified more with each person that contributes to the thought. This is why we also see so much collective negative thought projections where a majority of your uncivilization believes that war, racism, and beliefs of control are justified and the only sensible resolve. However, that mindset is primarily fed by medias, governments, and religions that your human people allow to control their thoughts by neglecting your own power of divine discernment and discrimination. By staying in a space of compassion and gratitude, collectively supporting one another’s ideas and trusting them to manifest, you send magnificent waves out into the Universe and increase the toroidal energy created with your collective thought projections, creating realities at stellar speeds.” ~ Kelly Lapseritis, The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3, Chapter 2

This practice has been nothing but a wonderful awakening to how powerful the dream state really is and how we can work to manifest in these “unconscious” states. Strike it up for another tool in the self-awakening toolbox! You can also find the Sasquatch Dream Affirmation in Appendix Tools 4.3.

Dream Affirmation

From the Sasquatch People

Determine an intention or wish for your dream affirmation:


“When I’m in the dream state tonight, I will meet with person, place or thing at the level of Higher Self and Greater Wisdom in love and in light, and I will state the following:

Intention or Wish + say
“Thus I have said it, thus it shall be done. So be it.”

Upon waking, complete this affirmation by stating:

“When I was in the dream state last night and met with person, place or thing, I was completely successful.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“When I’m in the dream state tonight, I will meet with ________________________ at the level of Higher Self and Greater Wisdom in love and in light, and I will state the following intention or wish:


“Thus I have said it, thus it shall be done. So be it.”

Upon waking, complete this affirmation by stating:

“When I was in the dream state last night and met with

_______________________, I was completely successful.”

 

“Even if you do not recall the encounter with this affirmed person/place/or thing within the dream, the meeting did indeed take place at the level of your Higher Self. You do not need to continue to do the same affirmation or intention for the same situation, once is enough unless there are other aspects that you wish to communicate in the dream.

“Likewise, when certain kinds of activations occur within dreams, you may or may not remember them, but that makes no difference to your subconscious mind because the encounter did happen. Even if your mind does not recall the dream, your soul certainly does. If you do recall details such as words, symbols, animals, patterns, numbers, or colors, explore them. Research spiritual meanings behind the symbols or situations and learn how the interpretation might be applied to your life.

“For example, you may dream of a fox, but it may not only be the presence of the fox offering it’s medicine to you, it could mean much more depending on how you perceived this fox. Was he running, fighting, staring, eating, did he have a fluffy tail, did he acknowledge you or was he in an unusual place? All of these different symbolisms could lend to different interpretations but if you seek them out, the answer will come to you as long as you do the work in setting aside any preconceived ideas of what the dream means.

“Dreams will often not mean what you think they do because the mind likes to contrive happy fantasies of situations, but because dreams come to teach us a lesson about our true authentic Self, you must adjust your perceptions and belief systems for transmutation of the underlying karmic connection. Seeing yourself in Paris does not necessarily mean you will be taking a vacation there soon, it is most likely a more unpleasant scenario such as having a past reality there and etheric ties that need to be healed from those experiences. Having the awareness that all dreams are for the purpose of higher wisdom and healing allows one to search deeper into the personal significance of the encounter for the true meaning and lesson to be applied.

“Many dreams are also premonitions to future events as you have discovered for yourself many times. These future events are usually shown as probability realities since they have not yet occurred; they show what might occur if a projected path is followed. Often times, these dreams are shown so that you can take corrective or constructive action to manifest these dreams into the reality you choose. You may dream that you reunite with a childhood friend and marry them. This dream could be a vision of what is yet to come or what may be if you put energy into that thought. Perhaps this friend is someone that you would never consider marrying so you disregard the dream and do not act on it. You may also be so moved by this dream that you decide to look up that person and reconnect, which may result one day in marriage.” ~ Kelly Lapseritis, Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3, Chapter 1

The work entails a re-training our minds and bodies – a cleaning up if you will – to allow more light, and guide them to be more accustomed to a “new” conscious sensation of Light-Flow. It’s learning to receive more light and love from Divine Loves and Creator-Source, and to commune with That Love, and then just BE. This is the Refined Human and the New Norm living.

It’s not a “perfect” life and there’s always wood to chop and water to carry, but in one way it is perfect because our Souls are perfect Essences of the One Source and Spirit Substance of All.

There’s the ‘is-is not’ notion again. This duo-thinking is yet another key to viewing anything here in 3D to get beyond the polaric programming. By accepting or noticing both, the balancing point, or neutral zero point, can be realized easier.

If nothing else, we can at least we can look forward to life becoming funny when we get to the top of the Wall. We’re there – we just have to clear the muck that’s covering up our soul-diamond, at least enough to see that we are ‘there’ and can be much more empowered to give and create in our world than what we have been trained to think.

“You are the storyteller and will always be able to write and re-write your script of experiences. Despite negative patterns, beliefs, or genetic traits, you can always change your habits and re-code your DNA and Light Body to no longer allow negative imprints to affect your energy field. Having the awareness that we are on a great spiritual journey to self-discovery and healing is the first step in balancing the bodies to allow ascension of our consciousness.” ~ Kelly Lapseritis, The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3, Ch. 7

In the end, we’ll all join the Divine Banquet as children of One Source: Divine Consciousness. The end is already now in those Dimensions, so it makes sense to work to attain a heaven world inside of us in our portable paradises.

It is time to honor the differences and unique talents and qualities that every being has to offer. There no humans, sasquatch, ascended masters, ultra-terrestrials or any other being that is above any other; all are equal and contribute to the Whole. No matter which density or level of consciousness you personify at any moment, each soul has gifts to offer in that moment to help co-create reality. We all hold a space on this Sacred Spiral of Life. ~ Kelly Lapseritis, The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3, Chapter 5

Primordial Void

Eventually, we are called to awaken to an ever-present Formless Beauty that is a dimensionless point: it is the Primordial Void from which everything emanates, the “unconscious essence” that makes up 96% of matter. When the mind and body are cleared of the low-frequency clutter – acclimated to a more acute awareness and more accepting of Light-flow – a good settling point to come to is this “void” or be-ing state.

In that state, one’s consciousness has to learn to integrate the incoming in-the-moment dense energies and process them. These energies may be from you and they may not. At that point, it comes to a reality that whatever happens has to be processed for the greater Whole, for we are all interconnected in the Spirit Realm with Source-Creator, including the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Sasquatch, Star Nation Beings, Earth Mother, the Central Sun, the Plant and Animal Spirits, and All Formless Beauty.

The time is Now. Not later. There is no later. There is only now upon now moments…

“We live in a very materialistic society and we’ve seen what it does to our lives as well to all lives. There’s very dramatic environmental destruction. There’s ongoing wars and always a new one, so this is caused by a limited understanding of who we are. We know now that matter is about 4% of the energy that is calculated. This 96% left is also reality – a part of us, a part of the fabric of the Universe. By understanding what those other parts are and how they interact, we can understand ourselves as well as our place in the Universe and how to interact with it…. Beyond the speed of light, matter dissolves and becomes pure energy. Time stops and becomes a Unified Field that vibrates faster than light. Dark matter, black matter, alter-matter – it’s matter but not physical matter. It’s a field of potential that consciously has to be applied to in order to take any kind of form. Dark matter is what makes up our subtle (astral) bodies. They’re very, very tiny particles that move through matter. They are constantly interacting with matter.”

~ Sunbow, Conversations with Sasquatch on Open Minds with Regina Meredith

Earth Man & Dreaming Beauty: My Mythic Journey, by Daisy Pongrakthai is on Amazon:

Artwork: Kelly Lapseritis

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