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Hairy Man tales: Miluquyulit, the ‘Thrower’, from Yukon / Alaska

Note: SCENIC is not the only platform gathering Sasquatch stories and publishing them. We found this interesting chronicle in The Delta Discovery, a Yukon news outlet

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An elderly couple had several experiences where a “Miluquyuli” threw rocks at them while they were traveling on the Andreafsky River as shown in this illustration. Illustration by AIMiluquyuli-rock-thrower

Rocks being thrown at or toward people is also one of the characteristics given to the Hairy Man.

An elder in St. Mary’s shared a story that one or more times that she and her husband had rocks thrown at them from brush along the river bank while riding up the Andreafsky River by boat.

The brush along the river kept the rock throwers hidden so they could not see what were or was throwing rocks at them. Nonetheless, they called them “Miluquyulit” or the “ones who throw things.”

“Miluquyuli” (the thrower) is one of the names given to the Hairy Man in many parts of the Yukon and Kuskokwim River villages.

At another time, a son (now in his 50s) of the elder remembers camping as a young boy along the same river with his family when, from far up a hill above their camp, a large rock or two were thrown and sailed over them, landing with a big splash into the Andreafsky.

The rocks were too large for humans to thrown that high and far.
Seeing this, the son’s father would go up the hill a ways and holler toward the rock thrower (not seeing it though) and scolded it, telling it not to throw any more rocks. After that, no more rocks would be thrown.

Hairy Man creatures appear to be a natural part of earth’s biology. Only a natural being could pick up and hurl rocks that big.

To read more stories about Hairy man and Bigfoot in the Y-K Delta, go to The Delta Discovery’s website at and scroll down to the “HAIRY MAN” story section. Click on “HAIRY MAN” in the bar above the current story to access the webpage with all the stories we have written in the series.

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Source: Hairy Man The Delta Discovery

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