“Be Still And Know That YOU Are God”

“Be still and know that YOU are God”
A message from Yeshua(Jesus Christ)

“Greetings to all my brothers and sisters of God. To you I know who is receiving this message at this time. I know that all viewing this message it is either a personal one for them or it is one that you will give to others. It is a good time for me to speak to you through Mike. It is a good time for this truth to once again be told to you. For now is the time to empower yourselves as the devine beings you are. To rise up as I did and claim who you are. Too long have my brothers and sisters disempowered themselves to others. Too long you have listened to the false prophets that tell you you are unworthy. Too long you have seen yourself as powerless in creating the outcomes of your life. I am here to remind you my children that no more shall you bow to imposters. Those that would tell you that you are not worthy or good enough. Those that tell you that you are helpless to the goings on of the world. Those that lie to you about who you really are.”

I have been to this planet many times over many incarnations. All for the mission to help my fellow brothers and sisters in their spiritual growth. I am dedicated to freeing you from your bondage. To showing you the way. To drawing out your inner light. I have been called many names by you and it does not matter what you choose to call me as I respond to your heart and not a nomenclature you attach to me. I have also been widely misinterpreted as I knew would happen. But God will not be contained or held back. The truth will always find its way to you. I did not come to be worshipped as much of your religion has come to tell you. I did not come to die for you but to live for you so that you may live by my remembrance. I came to show you the way and the truth. I came to show you how to live with great Joy and Love. You don’t need to know me to get to heaven. There is no getting to heaven for heaven is already here. It is here within you. When you understand this you will see it. Look within and realize you are already there.”

“But my most urgent message today for you is this: Be still and know that YOU are God.” Do you believe this? You are God made flesh just as I was. Do you think that you are less then I? I tell you this, you and I are the same. You can do the things I have done and more! But you must believe this. Without belief you will never accomplish your greatest creative powers. Your biggest enemy is fear. What are you afraid of? Don’t you know you can never truly die? For I am with you always. You must rise above your fears. They do not serve you. Fear is an illusion. Until you can get over your fears you will but reach and not grasp. I came to help you understand what you are capable of. I showed you. Did you not see? I can stand before you and if you are spiritually blind you will not see me. Open your hearts to God and shed your self of your fears. Once you do this then you will empower your self as the true God you are. Have I not told you Ye are Gods? Then believe in that and you will do more then move mountains. You will move worlds. I reach my hand out to you my precious children of God and beseech you to remember where you came from. You are indestructible. Stop acting like you are. Rise up and stand with me on the wings of angels. Love one another always and do not condemn. Fear nothing as there is nothing to fear. Do not turn and run away but advance in loving compassion.
Thank you Mike for allowing this message to come through. Thank you to all that have eyes to see and ears to hear this message as it is for you. I am your loving brother of God and remember, lead with your heart always and you will know God. Farewell and goodbye beautiful children of light.

5 thoughts on ““Be Still And Know That YOU Are God””

  1. That was a truly inspiring message from Yeshua. Thank you! I am just so grateful for you and all of you who are able to bring these messages through. Thank you to all the Sasquatch, star people, Jeshua and others, and the channels who so lovingly share their messages and gifts at this time. Blessings to you all, thank you Mike. Love you all!
    Mary R


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