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Interspecies peaceful communication

By Georgeanna De Carlo (one of the 10 co-authors of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3, and a presenter at the next Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat)

Note: Kamooh is the Sasquatch Elders who provided guidance for the first two books.

Amazing days we’re in!

After I shared a couple stories about communicating with animals yesterday and thinking about what Kamooh said, what a phenomenal day my family and I had. 

First, beside my car was a bright orange newt, then on the way to my mom’s there is a mourning dove that strangely, flies above my car right in front of my windshield for a ways, then a doe stands in broad daylight right alongside the road and I stop and she stares at me, gives me what I’d been asking for; the chance to talk “eye to eye.”

My girls had driven ahead of me and were so excited to tell me about the fox that crossed right in front of them. My mom gets home and tells me she had the strangest encounter. As she was driving home, a blue heron is walking down the middle of the road straight toward her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It was unafraid and looked straight at her. She was so thrilled!

We talked about these stories and I shared with my parents about what Kamooh had said and the unusual stories I’d just heard.

Then, to top it off! – driving home I decide to take a back road I don’t usually take. In the setting sun there is an injured bird struggling to cross the road in front of me. I don’t usually intervene with wildlife, but my car was parked and I was scooping this bird up before I knew it. Here it is my birth sign totem animal which is a rare treat to actually see and now I’m holding him in arms  He is an eastern flicker. He’s doing well this morning. Drank some water. He’s missing some feathers on his right wing but appears in good spirits. lol – literally 😀

May we all fortify communications with all members of our forest family. I am thankful that they are willing to work with us, trust us, so that we may regain balance and harmony with nature. So be it, so it is.

This is not a pic of him as I don’t want to upset him but this is the type of bird that he is.



2 thoughts on “Interspecies peaceful communication”

  1. That’s great! I am, almost everyday morning, greeted by Indian Mynas, when I park and start to walk to office for work. And a treepie, comes frequently with its family and calls me when I am working! So, I feel what you say and share. We were missing sparrows; which were gone since long due to cellphone towers; have return to our city and chirping happily to make us happy!

    Thank you for sharing.

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