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Beyond the man made world…

By SunBôw (originally published on 08/13/15)

Beyond the man made world…
Are we blinding ourselves or captive by choice in a golden cage?…

In the high velocity motion of modern lifestyle, and with the rapid rate of successive global events on our small crowded home-planet, we too often get caught up and lost in the fast everchanging whirling vortex of man made illusions and contemporary limitating social conventions and norms, a virtual trap and cage called samsara in Sanskrit, that we participate in maintaining through different levels of compliance to the artificial rules of the trickery game, as they have been written for us by temporal powers that have set up the checkerboard in front of us, watching with anticipation for our next move.

Living off that control grid encaging the world, anonymous from the records and untracked by the all seeing AI, has become a growing challenge and harder ideal to live by for most Humans in this age of modernism. We soon find ourselves falling to our dependence and addictions to money, stores, cars, gas, electrical power, laundromat, tv, phone, the internet, and imported goods like chocolate or coffee.

If we try to live without the external support of these material tools making the norm and seen as basic commodities by modern society’s standards, our fellow Humans will constantly remind us to remain connected and bound with the man made grid, or else we might start being isolated, marginalized and separated from the Human world. Yet, this anthropocentrist vision of the universe on which modern society’s values are based, is limited to Human perceptions and affairs, as if they were all that counted in the equation making the vast omniverse with all life forms therein, or for its future and destiny.

What is the price and place in the man made world for the dance of aspen leaves to the song of the wind? How much is worth the buzz of the Hummingbird scanning your face from inches away, or the shooting star that your eyes witness in a perfect divine timing, that doesn’t fit any man made schedule or grid? These experiences beyond Human control bring an as significant insight, if not deeper, into the greater meaning of life, than the social status, salary earned, or role played in the man made world.

The smallest creatures are not bound to man made artificial boundaries such as borders and they are free from all limitating Human laws and conceptual structures of the virtual control grid. On the opposite, as modern Humans who too often think themselves above other life forms, unless we can successfully grow, wildcraft, fish or hunt the essential of our food and provide for our clothing , shelter and other needs directly from Nature, we are all depending on the man made modern social institutions for our basic survival, like domesticated animals bound to their masters or having been restrained from excercising this innate instinctive freedom. We obviously need to experience this man made reality in the process of our evolution, to grow beyond its limits, through interaction with our Human Soul.

The runaway mustangs will learn to adapt and survive where they roam and never renounce their freedom to return to the corral, as opposed to us Humans in general. We have become attached and addicted not only to the instruments and commodities of our making, that we surround ourselves with to feel secure, but also to the virtual social frames and made made institutions we have got accustomed to, in order to pursue a lifestyle we know unsustainable.

To ease our conscience, we formulate hopeful wishes and positive intentions, while watching on the screen the tragic state of affairs, as a prime time show from the front seats, when not switching channels, feeling powerless, to look the other way or get distracted by the dumbing down entertainment this modern society floods us with, giving more attention, importance and value to winners of industry awards or sporting trophies, then to the protectors of land and life, defenders of Human rights and dignity or keepers of ancient wisdom, carrying beneficial vision and action for the future generations.


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Artificial vs natural ways…

Success, in that virtual man made world, is perceived as the accumulation of material wealth and power beyond necessary and sustainable proportions. It is reserved for a small elite, but the rest of us is conditioned into trying to climb up the stairs of social class disparity, by following the rules of the trickery game, staying aligned between the pillars of the establishment, and fighting our way through the chessboard, in hope to earn some gain and graduate to the next level, up the long stairway spiraling into the ever smaller inner circles of the privileged few, through the filter of an intricately engineered maze and closely monitored endless meanders. But every step taken towards upper levels of the social pyramid brings a greater burden weighting even more heavily on the lower larger layers made of the masses, serving as the basis holding the whole man made structure, and the pressure is felt on the ecosystems supporting Humans societies and all life, depleting biodiversity, ressources and environments at a fastening speed beyond sustainable rate without any significant sign of improvement.

The ones who prefer to stay out of the game, trying to avoid getting caught and caged in the man made grid, even the last uncontacted tribes in the remotest regions, eventually find themselves as assets or collateral damages, being played as pawns on the grand chessboard and forced to face the handlers of knights, kings and queens, because the bigger picture of the global agenda leaves no one excluded, counting even the ones who don’t know how to play the game, nor its rules. So none of us at this point and time can live totally free from the restricting frames of the control grid encapsulating our planet.

Modern mind may judge as idealistic the concept of a world free from Human control, although this is how it occurs naturally before we impose our artificial model over it. But does Human destiny has to be a never ending conquest and continuous domination of the world, or couldn’t we learn to live in Peace and harmony with our environments and other life forms? Without this natural balance on which depends the very survival of our Human world, we wouldn’t even exist, so disturbing it puts us at risk. We may have become dependent on the man made world for our survival and for the continuity of our evolution, but the rest of Nature and other life forms in this world and beyond do not rely on our relatively limited Human reality, which in fact affects most of them, most often in detrimental ways.

Fortunately, it is not always the case, nor an avoidable fatality. The destiny of the Human species doesn’t have to signify an unending conquest of Nature, nor an ever growing uncurable plague and doom for all life forms, including itself. Thanks to the free will our Soul has been gifted with, enabling us to choose between caring or destroying, healing or hurting, blessing or cursing. Our collective moral values have sensibly evolved into higher standards, at least in the general mentality, in all parts of the world, seeking to put an end to slavery, racism, gender ineqality and Human rights abuse. Although these principles remain to be applied, they are guidelines generally accepted as stepping stones of our collective evolution.

Our next major step forward would be to end specieism (or speciecism) and abolish the idea that the world and all forms of life therein are given to us to use and abuse as we please, without consideration for the consequences of our actions. Beyond Human proportions, ambitions, priorities, needs and desires, there is a wide variety of other living beings in different dimensions, with whom we share this small planet and vast universe, in a complex, unseizable web of connectedness and interdependence, beyond our limited science and understanding. To neglect or harm any thread or part of the web carries grave consequences we can’t always anticipate or prevent, once the balance has been affected or broken.


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5 thoughts on “Beyond the man made world…”

  1. first paragraph and i am already wanting to put the phone down. sounds like a great post and all by all means I mean no offence. when your feeling stubborn and are hardheaded conflict does arise at times lol. I am sure sasquatch could relate. I feel like going sasquatch right now. aka disappearing. in my case just by popping up to start to read the post n going awol right away. the internet may be manmade.. man constructed. the powers that ultimately enable it to work tho are not man made. we all say anyways tho that even leaves of trees couldn’t have come to exist without a intelligent higher power. so, should I really judge my evaluations of the www (world wide web) as solely a negative force on my life? obviously not in my opinion. its just that when full control suddenly seems out of reach reactions are to fof. (fight or flight) and I ain’t fighting no www lol. I will fight my temptations but the www its self can have its cake and eat it too I don’t care. id rather walk away than butheads w the freaking www lol. if I ditch my phone and computers etc etc tho and it follows me into public, public restrooms (now days), watching my family time on holidays and private hours, into my home, while I go hiking, after I disable locations and my phone still beeps asking me how do I rate that store soon as I leave the parking lot and I check and my location and gps IS off on all settings and it still asks me? then when it keeps telling me i am in NC when I’m not.. Texas.. and a neighborhood down from me pinpointing me in a white truck? but I get no explanations and no help finding out why or who or how the www determinded I was at those places when I wasn’t? and when a male friend has a pic of me on his background that I have on my phone and ive never sent it to him? those, much more than advertising, inflicts a sense of insecurity in me like a red alarm sounding saying give it up u don’t have control or power to oversee my own info (like those simple and justifiable info like why it says I’m somewhere I’m not SO OFTEN), its just like? who cares? no one cares but me (and you for yourself) so why support someone elses agenda at the expense of your own life, entire personal privacy, time, thoughts, education, work, and emotions. its interesting and fun.. to waller into the realities of all that surrounds us, and I live in a small world so I know its only better for some, but I am old school in so many ways. my fav movies are vhs. my music is old cds. my car doesn’t have a computer chip and I pay with paper. Sasquatch and his multidimensional ways is great and all, I love it. I truly do. Yes, hes gifted me this past week as well and I am waiting on the right time to tell about it. ill know when is the right time but it wont be due to the www telling me so. n really if sasquatch doesn’t care then I won’t either. there is a difference in caring and wanting to be tricky. doing both is fine too. he has a mind if his own tho. he isn’t chained.. well, less than most of us.


  2. Sun Bow True Brother, your words resonate with Truth and Integrity. The concerns of Natural World are well defined in your eloquent disposition calling to the narrow thinking modern man. Enlightenment and truth are only available to those who seek; out of Love, and knowing the impermanence of the human condition, seekers will to disconnect from the heard of the masses and take steps to obtain true freedom.

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