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Beyond the man made world (Conclusion)

By SunBôw (originally published on 08/15/15)

Beyond the man made world…
You are someone unique and you are not alone.

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Joining in consciousness with the growing number of those who respect all life, from the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, and from spiritual realms, and honor the importance and sacredness of the spirits of all beings, brings us closer to the realization of our role as caretakers and stewards of the wonderful biodiversity of this home-planet, in an harmonious cosmic way. Aligning with the natural harmony and cosmic laws involves abandoning artificial concepts, patterns and behaviors that are out of balance.

It takes a collective will and combined powers to bring about the changes and solutions needed towards a better future, and it can’t be achieved in only one generation. But in ours, we now stand at this crucial turning point of our long evolution when the decisions and actions taken can influence the destiny of our future generations in a radical way. No need to be a wizard or a rocket scientist to understand the critical situation Humanity is now facing, and to aspire to contribute to the necessary changes, starting in our daily lives and environments. Every choice we make is a stepping stone of our evolution.

As an individual, what makes you important is your unique Soul, experience and understanding; what makes you powerful enough to tranform the world, within and around you, is your free will and intentions. You may have spiritual or mystic experiences bringing you new understandings and awakening your consciousness, that are of greater importance and significance in your life journey than your place and role in the man made world, which cannot provide you with those transforming events that have no value or acknowledgement in modern society.

Our unique place in the universe matters more in our evolution than our place in Human society, which is subject to instability and unexpected changes. Human values and behaviors do not always agree or coincide with the natural balance and cosmic laws. Our individual consciousness remains our ultimate guide and authority. The development of our spiritual understanding and the healing of the Soul remain the greatest possible achievements.


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Is our generation ready for the shift?…

Many of us realize by now, that the only way that can provide us with lasting solutions and remedies towards our global healing and salvation can only come from a collective awakening of our spiritual consciousness and Soul, offering the necessary values, direction, goals, guidelines and good will to embetter and heal our relationships with all life forms. The technological means and tools are already available for a sustainable non-polluting future; but the political will and the collective consciousness are not quite ready, so it seems, to switch mode and make the giant leap into a green peaceful world.

An ecological, sustainable and peaceful lifestyle must be modern sociey’s priority and main objective, if we are to think beyond the limits of our man made reality and short term economy, into long term survival, development, life quality and evolution of future generations and all life.

Humanity must understand, as a mainstream value no longer marginalized, that there is no economy without ecology. The balance can shift, and it is not excluded that our man made world becomes obsolete and unfit, and ends up passing away, which could cause our species to join the list of endangered life forms, that our societies have created, given how depending we have become to those artificial structures. We could be the last generation living within the artificial control grid.

The dominating elite controlling the chessboard and virtual grid, present their own man made technocratic option as the only solution to all the problems that have been created by our modern world. Geoengineering, nuclear, genetic manipulations, cloning of golems, robocops, nanobots, cyborgs and artificial intelligence are displayed before us as the holy grail of science, the forbidden fruit of knowledge making us like gods, the new philosophers stone, capping the apex of the pyramid.

Transhumanism is preached to us as the inevitable continuity of our evolution, the absolute and final outcome of Human civilization and science, mirrored as a synonym of humanism and humane. These concepts are being implanted at large in the minds and accepted by a growing number of the Human population, especially among the younger generation. But if man made society keeps considering itself superior to natural laws, trying to bypass, ignore, twist, outrun or outsmart the fundamental principles maintaining the universe in balance, it might sooner than expected simply mean the end of it.

Warnings and reminders have become obsolete and useless, if they are not followed by serious actions undertaken individually and collectively to evolve into a higher consciousness, expressed through peaceful and ecological lifestyles. We might not be ready to give up our energy consuming lifestyles, quit using gas, electricity, the internet or imported goods, and sacrifice the comfort of our modern commodities, to make our lives a little more sustainable. But we have to develop and apply soon some practical solutions, and switch to renewable and free energies, if we hope for our man made world to continue its existence and evolution. Scientific innovations and technical devices alone cannot solve the problems of our planet, that are in reality caused by our man made world, disconnected from the Soul within, which only, holds the power to make significant lasting and efficient improvements to our lives.

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