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Sasquatch Diplomacy, video interview with Cindy Carter

Via Kelly Lapseritis

Thank you, Cindy Carter, for coming out of the “sasquatch closet” and sharing these amazing encounters and experiences with us! Keep shining your light and sharing your truth! We look forward to you joining us this year at the 2018 Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat!

Via Cindy Carter:
This is an account of my very first Sasquatch Encounter. I was asked to be a mediator for a family in distress who had a scary experience with a Sasquatch family in the North Carolina Mountains.

In this casual conversation with David Lear – I explain how I was brought in to speak with the Sasquatch, how all the synchronicities led up to me being able to assist this family and the amazing messages I received telepathically.

I am coming forward with some communications I’ve had with the beings known as Sasquatch (aka Bigfoot). Sasquatch are not a mythical conspiracy theory. They are here to teach us compassion with all humans, to love our brothers and sisters no matter what star system or dimension they may be from.

My thanks to David Lear for putting together this interview and doing all the editing and camera work. I am grateful.

Many thanks to Mary Joyce and Evelyn Gordon for asking me to assist this family and for all you do to get the information out there. The original story was published here. on Skyshipsovercashiers.com

Many thanks to Kewaunee Lapsaritis for his kindness in validating my account of what happened.
You can purchase his book here:

My website is http://www.cindycarterhealing.com.
I can assist with remote healing sessions and spiritual/emergency consulting by phone. I also offer Holographic Healing workshops from time to time.

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