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Experiencer story, from anonymous reader

Hi… I have been reaching out to find someone to help me… I have talked to several people with no avail… I have interdimensional creatures watching me and I’m afraid…

I have an interdimensional Bigfoot friend which I do not mind… but these others…

We have an abandoned amusement park here that was flooded out by Katrina… so I work for an auto parts store so I was making a delivery out that way… I wanted to video tape part of the park while I was driving… Well I didn’t watch the video for a couple of days but when I was by my mother’s house I sat in the chair and sensed something in the hallway… like something was watching me so I took pictures and pulled up two different things then I watch that video from the park and seen something in a tree…

They had several different things in the video would you look like dog man but I also have Sasquatch around me to and the weird part is they’re not physical, they’re interdimensional and Everywhere I Go I see these things and I have caught pictures of some orbs as well… I have purple ones, blue ones and white ones the purple ones are in my backyard… I do not mind the Sasquatch being around but these other things I wish I knew I can make them move on, as I respect them… They’re by my house, my work, every way I drive I see them in the trees and bushes they are by my mother’s house. I’m afraid to go to my daughter’s house because I don’t want them being over there…

Purple orbs:

kristi orbs

The thing I seen in the tree when I pass the amusement park on video:

This thing manifested when I was leaving and I seen it with my eyes, would you consider cloaking? This I think is dogman:

Maybe I have a gift to see these people I don’t know…

Reply from SunBôw:

Greetings ….., thank you for sharing your amazing experiences. To reassure you, there are many, more and more people, who see and experience the presences of these interdimensional beings. Please do not fear them. The Sasquatch are our Elder relatives and they have been watching over us since we were created as Humans. They are caretakers of the land. They work with the Star Elders.

As for the dogmen, as they are often called, they are interdimensional star seed hybrids of mammal-people that are often assigned to guarding portals. They might seem frightening, but they are not mean, only it is their nature and role to keep unwanted intruders away from portals, when opened and used by beings like Sasquatch or Star visitors.

There is likely an interdimensional portal near that amusement park, which explains their presences, as well as orbs and other interdimensional beings. Sasquatch often manifest as orbs or travel with orbs around them.

Orbs are the simplest form of plasma bodies that interdimensional beings can take to manifest in a way perceivable from our physical plane.

Our interdimensional relatives are open and trying to reach out to us, but the ones who can assist us do not force their way or presences on us, they connect with us only to the level we allow ourselves to connect with them.

Fear can only keep us from learning, and attracts the like energies. Knowing that we are all connected, if we remain in a state of Peace and Love, the entities we attract come in that frequency level. Hope this answers your questions.

Reader’s reply:

It helped a little bit, but my question is they following me. I’m seeing them everywhere. I’m not scared of the Sasquatch, it’s these other beings, it’s like they got Watchers at everywhere I go and my parents house and my house at my work…

SunBôw’s reply:

Well, maybe they try to contact you to teach you something, but if you don’t want to see them, you can tell them to leave. Some ceremonies can help for protection to keep unwanted presences away, like smudging, circle of ashes or salt around your home, crystals or other healing stones disposed around your room, meditation and prayers.

Good spirits do not push their way against your will, so they will respect your limits once you set them clearly. If they keep coming uninvited, then you need stronger ceremonies, as they might be invaders. But from what I’m getting with the info you gave me, they are not trying to hurt you, because they have not and if they work with the Sasquatch, they are friends that you can most likely trust…

Reader’s reply:

Yeah all they do is watch but they also come up to my windows and I can see the reflection of the eyes in the windows and I asked them to back off to respect my space…

There is always a rainbow by me… Thank you… You can use my story, but do keep me anonymous and where I’m from… Say from the deep south…





4 thoughts on “Experiencer story, from anonymous reader”

  1. be careful ! they will tickle your feet just like the sasquatch! ((I heard the iddy biddy ones like to tickle your ears!)) this while not physically harmful, can cause you to loose sleep and if not freakishly on guard from the get go,they hyptnotise you! only thing freaky about that is that no one should ever do such things even as hypnotism, indirect or direct mind control, or healing or helping of any sort without being ASKED first. its bad voodoo other wise and will reek effects in ways unintended. Having that been said, hopefully the communicators can let the little glowey lights outside know that id like them to teach me how to do a back flip! 😀


      1. Surround yourself with protective light and pray for protection. There seems to be more fear than threat, but if you don’t want any contact or feel unwanted entities, smudge them away and keep your aura strong…


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