Message, SCENIC

An amazing three years journey, that is only the beginning…

By SunBôw

Three years ago today, on the 4th Super Blood Moon eclipse of the tetrad, this chapter (copied below) was published as a post on the FaceBook group I founded, One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace, and was found by Kelly Lapseritis, who decided with her husband Kewaunee to turn this message into a book.

Looking back, after three international conferences and three books later in the series, that have reached far and fast and connected many seekers and experiencers in a worldwide network, with Book 3 recently published in collaboration by a collective of 10 Sasquatch channelers, we gratefully give thanks for the amazing learning and healing journey our beloved wise Elders have been guiding us on, along this sacred blessed path.

As the interest is growing and the reception of our Elders’ messages is widening, we will put up on October 13th 2018 the 2nd BC Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Gathering, a day event in the Slocan Valley of British Colombia, where Kewaunee and Kelly will present, as well as SunBôw. We will come together to share our experiences and understanding.

This is so far the only international extension of the Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat formerly called the Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference and Event, held the last three years in September, in Chewelah, WA.

We wish to continue sharing the wisdom and knowledge received from our Elders to the best of our abilities and availability, serving the best interest of all life, helping with our share to the collective consciousness.

Thanks to all our relatives, allies and Family of friends who have shown interest and offered support in many ways, contributing in sharing the messages delivered by our Elders and the truthful wisdom they teach. We would like to remind you to keep submitting your articles and stories and send donations. All links are on our home page.

Thanks to our Elders and guides who provide us with their blessings, inspiration, teachings, guidance and protection, helping us on our walk. Thanks to Great Spirit who has gifted us with this wonderful journey.

May we all walk in Peace and sacredness on our Mother Earth, as good relatives to all living beings. May we leave good tracks and examples after our passage, as respecting ancestors, for the future generations.

Best blessings to all beings. May our collective Soul heal and rise…

Sasquatch said (The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 1, chapter 7):

”Now that you have seen, heard and felt more evidences of our existence then you can report, you know who we are and how we are connected. On the same level, because you have interacted peacefully with some of ours, the greater Soul of our specie now knows you and is connected to you.”

”The message of my people is not one of the mind, but one of the Soul, inspired by the heart. We do not play on words nor elaborate sophisticated rhetorics to express ourselves, but project directly the images of our thoughts into the soul who are ready to communicate in this way.”

”The greatest intelligence is the intelligence of the heart, seat of the Soul and strongest source of magnetism in our beings. It allows telepathic communications on the etheric level, as well as astral projection and real empathy. Through the heart we can feel what other beings feel and know natural compassion. Telepathic connection is not through the mind, but through the Soul. Touching the collective Soul with consciousness has more powerful effects, than reaching the collective mind with ideas. It leaves better results for the evolution.”

”The Soul feels through the heart and can sense what other beings feel, animals, plants, stones or other forms of life. Every sentient being can communicate this way and understand one another in a telepathic way, without recourse to articulated speech, any wordings or formulas, except when the mind clouds the perceptions, limiting consciousness to a calculable, tangible, explainable equation.”

”My people, like the animals, have kept this universal ability to communicate through the soul, that most of your people have lost, partially or completely. We have not developed complicated grammar or syntax rules, nor a large diversity of vocabulary or spoken languages, nor devised anything of technological complexity, like your people have in their ever-changing creative evolution. But we have kept our natural ability to hear the souls of all living beings and of our home-planet, Mother Earth.”

”My people, like all sentient beings, can feel the same emotions that your people can feel, but over different reasons. Because we still hear the emotions of other living beings and of Mother Earth, we feel empathy.”

”We can feel the joy of the butterfly in the flower, the pride of the salmon jumping the falls, the confidence of the pack of wolves, the exhaltation of the soaring eagle, the serenity of the oak.”

”But we also feel the cry of the ones in pain, dying and suffering from diseases and poisons introduced by your people and imposed on all life forms on this home-planet we were given to share, decimating species and ecosystems at a dramatic extermination rate. We hear the pains and cries when the sounds of your polluting engines tear down the natural harmony of our wilderness, or when your machinery rips apart the sacred grounds, breaks the rock, cuts the wailing trees, pierces or drills the underground.”

”We hear the pain of the water beings, who wash ashore by the millions, choke or mutate because of the activities of your Human people and the legacy of death that the uncivilization enslaving your people has left our home-planet with. We hear the pain of your own Human people who cry in vain for help, as they die in genocides, suffer or seek refuge from the evils done to them by their own Human brothers.”

”Complex mind ideologies backed by sophisticated rhetorics can blind the soul and silence the heart, causing much harm to natural harmony and other beings. The Human People must reconnect through the intelligence of the heart with the wisdom of the Soul, and feel the empathy and compassion for all. They must listen to the voices of the other souls with their heart. If they do, they will like us hear the cries of pain and know it is so unbearable, that all violence and destruction must be stopped at once.”

”If you think, this is idealistic and unrealistic, ask yourself how long your uncivilization can still sustain itself with your growing populations. And then remember how long my people has been here watching over our younger brother. We hope to still share this home-planet with you for many aeons to come.”

sasquatch native-

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