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Chiye Tanka, Big Elder Brother, by John Allen

Chiye Tanka, Big Elder Brother, by John Allen

Finally,… I heard again. It wasn’t hard to hear but I was numb from the changes that I had placed around myself during the past few months. Their voices were always there reminding me that they had never left, but I had changed too much in my life all at once and this was keeping me from them. It began like fire that I could only see when I closed my eyes but without the warmth. As I began to feel the heat grow on the back of my neck and arms, I remembered the familiar goosebumps that came along with the feeling of being near to them while connected to them.
It was different this time. I had grown in ways that I had not been aware of due to the above mentioned change in my life and this made the connection strange and new somehow. I knew that I was not alone. I was aware of a bond that could never be broken and that bond was bigger than I had imagined. I felt connected to all of them at once and it was vast. It was all encompassing. I had become more passive and relaxed about all of this so I just accepted this newness with open arms.
It has been a while since I have spoken with Tahjee or TuGrahno. It has been longer since I have spoken with Mitawinasi of Dakote or Tukra, TuKornu, Mahchia, MaKee, Sighuga, or Oitoli. I hadn’t forgotten to greet Hotamay when visiting the woods where my family and I went swimming last summer but I heard few replies. When I began writing my first blog around 2011 or 2012, my experiences with the Sasquatch people progressed very quickly. I was so overwhelmed with the communication that I opened myself up to all communication from anyone or anything. This could have turned out very badly but because I had already developed a relationship with the hairy folk, they kept enemies at bay long enough for me to learn some very important lessons thus empowering me to take more responsibility with whom I choose to communicate. I remember hearing voices and would write them down. On several occasions i was led to believe that I was speaking with Arch Angel Raphael and others. This was a different feeling and I became uncomfortable. I made a statement that I would not speak with anyone other than the Sasquatch people. This was scary at times but I had already felt the love when speaking with the Sasquatch people that I simply knew from there on out and would make clear with whom I would wish to speak.

After a few months went by, I was very excited that I had finally began to communicate with the Sasquatch people. As I have said, this was somewhere around 2011-2012. It was very simple at first. I would ask very simple yes or no questions and feel the yes or no. When I would not get a response, I would reword the question until I received an answer. This was more like a vague feeling than many have reported as having telepathic words or images. As I kept at it the feelings became more clear and detailed. I had patiently worked through the boundary between human and the unknown. Like many, I knew that they were there somewhere. I had always been drawn to them through out my entire life. The loving conversations grew into relationships and from there, into an understanding of family.

I have changed my surroundings in the human world and this took everything that I had become accustomed to and turned it upside down. I took a job last year in June that took me away from home. It was a new direction that I had been training for. It took me to the National Forests of East Texas. I loved the woods and everything natural about my new job. I lived in a small rent house alone in the middle of the woods there that was owned by one of the employees of the National Forest Service. I had water, electricity, and my guitar. My cell phone had difficulty reaching out most of the time. It was in that house that I met another group of people from the woods. I had interactions with one man most of the time but saw the families from a distance along the edge of the tree line at dusk every evening.

He would visit me at dusk most of the time. This group of Sasquatch people were different than the friends that I had made up in North East Texas. They were a younger group somehow. There was a young, safe, and happy energy that I felt when I was with them. I was uneasy with so many changes all at once at that time of my life. I missed my wife and daughters, walks and visits with my buddy Bone, my dogs, Tahjee and all of the other Sasquatch people that I had come to know and love from home… so this new group of people really went out of their way to make me feel welcomed. I asked the man not to let me catch him peeking into my window when I would lay down for bed because that would have really freaked me out. I assured him that it had nothing to do with him looking differently than I do but that I would freak out to see anyone looking into my window. I know that he felt that I was half right but if anything he was a little amused. He knew my heart and he knew that I knew that he knew.
Not only he, but the whole group went out of their way to make me feel very welcome. He told me to refer to them as the Trusted Folk. I did so and still do. I wrote about them and that experience in a blog called My Lady of the Woods but I never got around to writing about all of the conversations that he and I had. Mostly what we talked about were outside of the world that we humans have surrounded ourselves with. Today and for many years our human species have occupied our time with work, money, television shows, pop culture consisting of actors and pop stars and sports stars, racism, separating ourselves from one another, competition, the have and have not’s and what each of their limitations and possibilities are, religions and the battles over which is the true word of God. What this man and I talked about were mostly stories that he shared with me of who we humans used to be and who we will become outside of that human made bubble that I explained above.
He told me stories from the times before the human religions were used. He explained how our religions were changed by small group of beings on this world to better control us. He said that after many great teachers came to this planet their stories were twisted and obscured by a group that does not belong here. Before the last ten thousand years or so there was a common knowledge that all beings shared. It was an understanding and practice of oneness with all that is. There was a time when we would speak together with our older brothers and sisters of the forests who roamed freely with us at that time. Today we can only see small evidences of this old knowledge that connected us all before modern science came to conclude that humanity is only ten thousand years old. Religions and science of today go hand in hand when placed on history’s time line. Both talk of the last ten thousand years or so being the time of Darwin’s evolutionary model becoming intelligent, Adam and Eve, the Great Flood of Noah and Gilgamesh, how the Tower of Babel separated us, how the Hebrews were God’s favorite humans thus paving the way for all of today’s wars between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. He spoke of a time long before any of this. Growing up as a Christian, I can remember many questions that I had as a youngster. I noticed many contradictions in the Bible and would never find answers from anyone. I was always just told to have faith. I’ll give you one childhood example: Did the cavemen and women go to Heaven? How could they go if they had not asked Jesus into their hearts? Why would God burn them forever in Hell? Once I stepped outside of the limited confines of organized religion, I found God everywhere! I feel that Jesus was everything that he was but I feel that he would not be entirely pleased with what modern day Christianity has become. Today, I have a beautiful and loving relationship with our infinite Creator. I also know that Jesus is the son because all of us are the sons and daughters of our Creator. For the record, I have a deep respect for what humans hold sacred and will always support the choices that each individual chooses to feel about this. I ask the same in return.
My loving host continued that they were here at the time of our conception. They are our older brothers and sisters that took it upon themselves to work with us and protect us. The forgotten knowledge was from a time where this planet and all that live upon her grew together. We were connected together. We all had aspects and traits that were well fitted to different parts of the thought of the Creator. He spoke of a group that came to this world long ago that began to use our skills against us making us more dependent on unnatural things and materials. These beings interfered with a divine thought that was in the process of being realized in the physical. This is healing now like all life does. On a giant scheme, spanning countless worlds on many dimensions at multiple vibrations, from the macro to the micro… Creator is experiencing itself through all of us and through all things. Over time humans have forgotten how to connect to this planet and all of her creatures and the many facets of being Creator. Many natural beings that belong to this world hide from us because of what we humans have become. But we have not been forgotten. We have not been discarded from the family because we are a part of it. Our older sisters and brothers have extended a hand in hopes that we will return back to the family. It is not to whom they speak but who listens.

Often I would cry as he would share much more with me than just the feelings of words. At moments I would feel the pain and hurt of this world as he would continue with his stories. At these deepest moments of despair I would feel a love without condition, too, that seemed to be without limits. It was at those moments that I realized that I was feeling far beyond that distorted bubble that surrounds human kind of the modern day. I caught glimpses of what was beyond and it was beautiful and giant like. I could clearly see from my feeling reaching out that the planets are alive and also connected. I would sometimes see the suns being alive and having a different warmth and color than my human eyes allowed me to see inside of this bubble. Now I can feel the connection and understand how limitless we all are together. I understand “always was” and “always will be” with more clarity.

He would only give me enough so as not to ruin my sleep before going to work the next morning. The next day I would go to my new job in the forests as an environmental scientist. I loved the surroundings of the job but hated the politics of the organization that I was to be working for. After two months I quit that job and direction and went to work in a different field. It took me to a city in Central Texas. All of these moves took a toll on me. These moves and transitions were one of the reasons that my previous blog, My Lady of the Woods, became more sparse and farther between each entry. It was not the only reason.

When I reached Central Texas I was thrown into a intense work environment. I was feeling more and more disconnected. I was farther from my wife and kids and the weekend drives became longer and more difficult. In order for this job to payoff I needed to invest a year of intense focus. I felt more disconnected with my Chiye Tanke and more out of balance. I wasn’t aware that I was putting more and more pressure on myself to get back to this and found it harder to focus on it. In Central Texas I began to explore on the weekends for new places to connect. I found some peace from time to time in some of the big parks sitting among the trees doing some meditation. This was difficult because it was a public park and it would not have been wise to sit in the dark at night in a city park. Up until this point, my conversations with the Sasquatch people were very few and far between. I wasn’t very happy.

The other reason for taking a break from writing new blog entries in My Lady of the Woods was one of personal growth. Ego and envy are like salt and pepper. They are different but go well together. When I chose to create a blog to record my Sasquatch experiences a few years ago I went out of my way to keep “ego” out of the picture. I made the blog free with no pop-ups (Google has informed me that they will advertise via pop-ups in every new blog now. I don’t know what this will be like because this is the first time posting after these new rules. But still free none the less). I also went out of my way to explain that I have nothing more special about me than anyone else does. I have no “gifts”… what ever those may be. I always explained that I was just recording a personal experience and encouraged the reader to make up their own minds on how they choose to feel about it. I asked for nothing. However, another problem reared it’s ugly head along the way. I began to help people by asking questions to the Sasquatch for them. I learned much in the process personally. But there grew a pressure to perform and to help others find their answers. I felt the need to satisfy. This continued in private messages and emails. It became a struggle for many reasons. I became afraid of hearing the “wrong” thing or giving false information. I became envious of others that had, what I thought, was a clearer path of communication with the Sasquatch people. So, I put it off and pushed it all away. I removed myself from Facebook group conversations and comments. I hid under a rock. This was another reason that my entries into My Lady of the Woods faded out. But I always knew that to share my experiences in a blog was important. I knew that it helped the overall relationship between us and them. I understood that it was just another avenue of communication among many that helped to bring us together as small or large an avenue as it may or may not be. I knew that I needed to work out my own personal fears and get over it. I could see that I was standing in my own way of personal growth and adding an unbalance to my relationship with the Sasquatch people and to the readers of my blog.

What changed all of this was something that happened this past August. I watched as a shadow figure walked across my hall here in Central Texas. I am not afraid. I know all that I need to know about the many faces of the negative that inhabits this reality with us. My wife told me about the same thing having happened at our home in North East Texas a few days earlier. I called on a friend, Tracey Owen, and she helped me to find out that it had something to do with a ouija board a few years earlier that my daughter did with some friends for fun one evening. I followed Tracey’s instructions. I connected like I had never connected before. I focused and embraced my spiritual strength without any fear and began to connect to all that is. I remembered the scenes of what the Trusted Folk shared with me a year earlier. I reached within for strength and removed this demonic entity from my house in Central Texas, removed the energy from our home in NE Texas, buried the board the proper way and closed the door. I cleaned out both houses and removed everything that didn’t belong. Tracey helped me from a few states away. The changes in my life and in the lives of my loved ones around me were drastic. It was like night and day.
This was the awakening that I needed in order to be typing these words today. I began to understand and realize our true power and place in all of this. It is the same power (connection) that everyone reading this has as well as everyone not reading this also has. I understood what my Sasquatch family back home were telling me all of these years about intent. They spoke of intent often. They used to tell me that my intent walks before me and that I am known by this first. They explained to me that they can feel the intent of the hunter coming to the woods before the hunter ever leaves his house. They would ask me to remind people who would read my previous blog to examine their intent and then build on that.

Belonging to the family, our human contribution to our universal family, how giant our family really is, it is not possible to be disconnected to the family, ego, envy, strength, love, … there is something that I continue to learn about each of these. I remembered one of the biggest lessons that the Sasquatch people shared with me. It was about true protection. High integrity is the foundation on which to build anything. Intent will thrive under such conditions. It will become sharper. Lying, cheating, and stealing are those low integrity choices that invite in the negative. The opposite is also true. If we always speak the truth, be fair in our business dealings, and treat others the way that we like to be treated then this keeps us strong with pure intent. Nothing can break that. Love is the strongest power that there is. Everything is made out of it. I have heard these same truths lately among the full disclosure movement. This age old truth is preached by many out there right now and it seems to be growing.

This power that belongs to all of us woke me up lately. It shook me loose from the weight that I had placed upon my shoulders during the past year and a half. It’s not that I have reconnected with our older brothers and sisters of the woods but I have realized that we were never NOT connected. It is impossible to not be connected as we are all one being broken up into many little parts.
I have been encouraged to share again in a new blog. It’s not my Sasquatch family in NE Texas. It’s also not the Trusted folk in East Texas. As far as I know it is all of them from some kind of communication energy that floats through the air. It’s like a consciousness that all of us belong to. It is more feeling than I have ever experienced before doing this. I understand that these blogs that I have been writing all of these years were more me giving the Sasquatch People credit for everything while taking none for my self. In the end, it is both. It is all of us together. Writing this today I feel that I have placed so much energy on distinguishing who is saying what in the past that I have overlooked that it is all of us at once simply being who we are; one.
As I embark upon this new blogs direction, I am at peace. A few months ago I read the My Lady of the Woods blog from start to finish for the first time. I had never done that before. I had always just gone on and kept it flowing. It was a humbling experience to understand that the person that needed to read it the most was me. I remember being amazed at how much that blog communicated my fears and my childlike humbleness at what was happening to me. I would constantly remind the reader that it was a free blog because I was fighting with poverty at the time, going to the university, and working full time. It was a way of convincing myself that I was only giving and not taking. Growth is something that never ends and I am grateful for having shared that blog. I never realized while writing it that someday I would read it understand something completely different about myself. If it had done nothing else… it represented true growth and every insecurity that I had on this path to rediscover our families in the woods.
With a new breath of energy I start this new direction with this blog. CHIYE TANKE is the Lakota word meaning BIG ELDER BROTHER. I could not find BIG ELDER SISTER and I have been moved by just as many Sasquatch women as men almost. Other than Tahjee (My Lady of the Woods), there is Sighuga, Granma, and Machia. I am looking forward to more.

I have taken the pressure off of looking for places to go as I understand now more than ever that they are always here and always have been. I am excited to see where this new blog takes me. I feel that I will be focusing more on the details of what I have learned from many conversations with our big sisters and brothers over the years. I plan to share more of the intimate stories that they have shared with me. I have much to share about what I have been told about our past. I have asked them to tell me more about the other beings that are hiding from us.

As I have said many times. You may treat this blog as you wish; as fiction or non-fiction. I am not preaching to anyone nor am I trying to offend anyone. Always remember that this is only my personal experience. Yours is just as important as mine and only together do we make up the whole. Thank you for watching and I love you.

Source: Chiye Tanka
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Artwork: Alex Evans

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