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Great heart felt account of the 1st Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference (2016), in Chewelah, WA, by Mick Harrison and Leigh Kerr from Australia

Great heart felt account of the 1st Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference, in Chewelah, WA, by Leigh Kerr and Mick Harrison from Australia…

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Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, plant, outdoor and nature
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Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat

WHAT HAPPENED IN WASHINGTON by Mick Harrison AND Leigh Kerr (an account of their experience from their visit to the Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Event in America)

Well I haven’t had the chance to tell you all about what happened over there in Washington so i will tell you now.

Washington state wear Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis live is like heaven on earth ….tall pines everywhere , mountain ranges , a sleepy little town of Chewelah, not many traffic lights…feels safe .
The conference was really good and it wasn’t just the speakers it was everything, it was the venue , what a perfect place for that. It was the people who gathered to share…all like minded , some with Sasquatch stories of their own , some not but willing to listen….
When all the people gathered you could ‘feel’ an energy in the air , a certain vibe. It was excitement and something else…..um,like the feeling of being watched or observed. I did a private meditation by myself to tune into what was around me and I walked into the forest.

During the Saturday event i was deeply focused on the speakers when i got a firm poke in between my shoulder blades but higher closer to the neck. I wizzed around thinking someone, was poking me to ask a question or something and no one directly behind me.
The next day was Sunday and we were to give our talk . The energy again was high and you could feel some hairy visitors as well ….Kelly told me that as the people were having a conference so too were the Sasquatch people having their own at the same time..

After my nerves calmed down to talk , i will admit …public speaking is not my strong point…I did talk , overcome by emotion as I began talking about my own experriences and the messages to give to the people, more about that later but its almost exactly the same as the Sasquatch messages for humanity channeled by SunBôw except mine comes from a different source- Arcturian and Yeshua ( no I”m non religious) spiritual ..yes.

We then drove out to town to have dinner with about 25 people, Kewaunee, Kelly and others. What happened on the way to the restaurant i was not really prepared for …..Mick was driving , brook was in the back seat and I was in the passenger seat.

As we came around a slight bend I saw off to the right side of the road , down about 30 meters ( guessing) a SASQUATCH…
Of course my shrieks nearly caused Mick off the road, and i called out YOWIE….YOWIE…..Sasquatch…

What i saw was a slender type of Sasquatch walking with a straight back and bent knee, not like how ours straightens out when we walk. It sat down in the hip ( id have to demonstrate for you to understand) but like the Irish dancers the arms remained by its side as it walked. And as it walked it went through the fence….by that time we had caught up to it in the car and there was no trace of it it just disappeared.

*** Now i know when l tell this story some people are not ever going to believe me . Some people are looking for 20 years to see or ‘hunt’ a Sasquatch and see nothing …I come along and in 6 months I’ve seen 2 Sasquatch…but I’m telling you this my TRUTH and you can believe or not- I have no care if anyone does or doesn’t!!

So I’m so excited I get to the restaurant and word had gotten around before I even got to tell anyone and Kewaunee gives me the big thumbs up lol and SunBôw asks to hear about it. I told SunBôw the FULL in depth description of what I saw and he said to me …..that is Kamooh!

So Kamooh is the main elder Ancient one that SunBôw Channels and write the 50 chapter book about. I was blown away as he is special. BUT wait it gets better……………

SunBôw tells me its Kamooh and he was showing himself to me and its all meant to be….then SunBôw pulls out some Sasquatch hair form Kamooh that was left from him 2 days before…and he gives it to me……. I was incredibly humbled to have this

sasquatch hair kamooh

In the evening of Sunday ,very late … we had a huge bonfire and a naming ceremony for brother Brook Nobelius- “Raven”..he was chuffed.

On Tuesday we had Kelly and Kewaunee , SunBôw, Grey Wolf, Stephen, Brook and a few others over for lunch and Kewaunee told me some amazing ET stories of his interaction with them. I will keep this private as he told me its personal to him .We went out for dinner with grey Wolf ( Harold will) and Stephen for dinner that was good as well.

On the day before we left , at Kewaunnes house, he gave Mick and I some more Sasquatch hair from another Sasquatch called ……..ODIN. Odin gave the hair to psychic Sasquatch communicator Graham MacSkimming.

He said the as came up and ripped the hair from his arm and gave it too him as a gift.
Kewaunne gave some to us , as a sincere token , as he knows our heart is in the right place of intent with the Sasquatch and he wanted to share the privilege. I was completely honored and was very overwhelmed by the gesture. It has a completely different texture and look to the other hair sample from Kamooh.

Oh I nearly forgot ….the morning ( Sunday) as we are getting ready to leave we were running late as my shoes in a Shoe bag went missing. I placed them on the chair with my clothes to change into while I showered. When I returned, They were not there. WE looked everywhere, all of us, the whole house. Then Mick said he will look in the car…. I said what for they were just here they cant be in the car ….but he insisted and he came back with my shoes …..they were in the boot. I was dumbfounded!!!!

I spoke to Kewaunee about this and he said the Sasquatch do this all the time….its their way of having fun or messing with you. Now I’ve had things in the house do that ….now I’m wondering?????

So soon Mick and I will organize a BBQ and we will show you the hair if your interested and talk some more on things.

A lot of people at the conference saw unusual phenomena and touching, sensing Sasquatch, seeing flashes in the sky, seeing crafts, Sasquatch in photographs…there was another lady who saw a Sasquatch on the edge of the campsite in the evening.

**I recommend you all get a copy of this book from Kelly Lapseritis.
** The Sasquatch hair is hidden away from home in a very safe place.
**I am happy to answer any questions you may have.🙂

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