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Sasquatch stop the fire, by White Lynx

By White Lynx

Sasquatch stop the fire

I HAVE A WONDERFUL STORY… I met a Paiute who had been had of BLM forest fire crews.. he had crews out fighting in the McCall Idaho fire, when the CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN at Burgdorff sent him a message… She told him that he had two crews that were going to be cornered and die in the fire… He immediately radioed his crews which were Indian boys… he told them to do tobacco prayers to the Mountain… These boys understood him and immediately they did this… And they said… the Big Foot, or Stick people, came out… lifted their arms against the fire… and THE FIRE TURNED… SAVING THE FIRE CREWS…
I was there to do mountain healing ceremony, and I had noticed that as the fire crested the ridge above Crystal Mountain, and it just stopped… just stopped… no barrier, no back burn… no dirt barrier… IT JUST STOPPED… and I had noticed this… So when he told me this story, I then understood…

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      1. Any tobacco is sacred when you use it for prayers, but it is better to use good quality natural tobacco to leave offerings for ceremonial purposes, which doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Using tobacco for prayer and offerings is a common practice to many Native American tribes. The tobacco is often carried in a special medicine pouch, it can be offered in pinches to the Earth, to the water, to the fire, or in prayer ties within a piece of cloth tied to branches or to medicine lodges. Praying with tobacco is known as bringing powerful results.

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