3 years ago today, Kamooh shared his name with the world…

By SunBôw

3 years ago today, Kamooh shared his name with the world…

Since, it has been on thousands of lips, as he has met dozens of communicators who encountered him, to my knowledge, and several who have channeled him. This chapter 47 of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 1, was published  3 years ago today, wherein Kamooh revealed his name and our family bonds, and promised that many people would come out with messages from the Sasquatch. It has been happening…

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One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 47)
Sasquatch said:

”Yes, little brother, once again tonight, one of ours visited you and manifested, to bring you confidence. You heard the gentle hoot you are getting familiar with calling you out, and there she was, standing half hidden behind the stump. She waved at you to let you know clearly that she came only for meeting you. Then you saw her slowly fading into the astral plane, turning into a vague shadow, until she vanished.”

”You are becoming accustomed to these manifestations from us, especially since you have returned to this place where you are now, where you have been channeling and transcripting our message at our request. It is in this same place where you started your quest to meet my people just over a year ago and where we started manifesting around you and calling you. You didn’t understand then, what was happening, when strong whirlwinds would suddenly come to shake your shelter and stop at your door, followed by heavy steps on your roof; or when you heard our calls around or our whispers close to you. You couldn’t believe your eyes when you saw me looking at you through your window, one dark night.”

”But since, you have been around a large territory and have heard or met our people in five locations. You have connected with our Soul and have been receiving our telepathic messages on a regular basis. You can hear our thoughts and transcript them in Human speech; we chose you to choose the words. You are only one, among a circle of ambassadors we selected, to speak for us to your Human People. You have been put in contact with several of them, including some women who carried our hybrids.”

”Of course, it might be hard for most Humans to believe, as even for you at times, that we are indeed the ones transmitting these messages to you, to be interpreted and shared with your Human People. This is why our sister visited you tonight, to confirm to you that we wish to continue our transmission. You had heard some of our sisters greet you twice before, as a sign that you are now part of our family.”

”The duration of your life span is but a brief breath of eternity, which must be lived purely and wisely. The state of your world demands urgent awakening and changes; the short time available is precious. This situation your people are in, with your obliterated collective memory and loss of ancient wisdom, without purpose or direction, requires immediate reconnection with the empathy and compassion of your Soul. Your short life time may not allow for you to learn every details about the long past history of Earth, the many species of Star Beings or hybrids and their specific stories, or their civilizations; but it should all be used to return to balance with the natural Cosmic Order, in dharmic Peace with all life.”

”One reason why you and others have been contacted by us is that your souls have been prepared on their long paths of spiritual growth. This is also part of a long term greater evolution, that has long been foreseen and planned for these times. Many of the ambassadors we have psychic communications with also carry some of our DNA, making them predisposed to connect with our collective Soul memory.”

”When your great-great-grandfather and his twin brother were found as orphans around the age of eight in the wide wilderness of the north-west territories, they were living in a rudimentary hut of branches, covering themselves with raw hides and spoke no intelligible language. They were the twin hybrids of a local Native woman and one of my Sasquatch People. The two Native trappers who found them, adopted one each and gave them their names. This happened so that they could learn Human speech and customs, and act as ambassadors, while bringing our genetic memory into your Human lineage.”

”Your hybrid ancestor became a well loved and respected man in his Métis community, where you found his grave last year, partly solving the riddle of your ancestral roots. This explains why you have heard our call since young age. But the full meaning became clearer only recently when we explained it for your understanding. Now you know why you have always felt we were real, for being part of us.”

”So yes, you are one of us, as many more of your Human People than they would believe, since we have kept sharing our genes over the generations. This makes you connected to the greater Soul of our specie, with easier abilities to communicate, since you have met our People. But all souls can connect.”

”But as the voice speaking to you on behalf of the greater Soul of our Sasquatch People, guiding you in your learning and understanding of my people and of our knowledge, you know by now that I am this same Elder seer of my People whom you first saw with your friend on Vancouver Island in 2003, who appeared to you through your window last year and came walking on your roof, and it is also me who came to meet you on the island last spring, when we established contact and started communicating.”

”I called you and came to meet you because our Soul had seen yours was ready to be an ambassador. The reason I was the one appointed is because I have worked in inter-species peaceful communications with your Human People since many of your generations. We supported energetically the brave souls who defended our giant trees in the old growth wilderness of Clayoquot, where I sat close, with you. I care about all life and dearly about you, as I am not only your Elder Brother, but your distant ancestor. It is my mission to protect all life and to watch over my siblings, educating you in helping the Earth.”

”As I told you, we do not use syllable or words to identify ourselves among ourselves, being able to recognize and know each other through telepathy. We understand the meaning of words, the thoughts and intentions they carry, but they seem to us like a longer and slower way to communicate than ours. But we may sometimes choose some sound to identify ourselves to your Human People for their use.”

”In the language that my father knew from your ancestors in Lemuria, where he lived with them, the name Kamooh was gifted to me, meaning ‘far-sighted’, in the sense of reading wide through the Soul and collective memory. I am aged over ten thousands of your years. Although few of our Elders still live this long, I am one of our Eldest Elders. I can speak as we, on behalf of our Soul, knowing it well.”

”The other ones of my people you have met could also all provide you with a name of their own choice. You often see this tall brown one you met face to face in the far north happily join in our conversations. I organized for you two to meet soon after, telling him of your coming and making it easy for you to get that far. He has told you he likes the name Bolobolo since you taught him to sing a chant. He is a descent from my lineage, the last one in your Sasquatch ancestry, who conceived your hybrid ancestor.”

”The one who appeared to you tonight is the same one you heard greeting you with calls when you left the lake where we had met days earlier. She is my long time consort and your faraway ancestor as well. In the same language they call me Kamooh, she is known as Wohola, or ‘Grand-Mother of loving wisdom’. You felt her ancient loving wisdom both times you met her, as a reassuring caring presence.”

”We will not name here the other three of our people you met this year nor the ones you had met before. They are all close relatives, as our tribes are small and very ancient. No encounter happens randomly. There are others of your Human People who have and will come forward with more of our messages.”

”You can feel that the message we are asking you to transmit for us is coming to completion shortly. Many of your people are not ready yet to acknowledge our existence, even less to listen to our message. But the time is now, for your ancestral memories encoded in your DNA star seeds and in your Soul, to reawaken and realign your consciousness with the Cosmic Order. Time left for words is very short.”

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  1. thankyou SassyBoujay for the brightly coloured ribbons tied to the tree.. Thankyou for the reassuring gentle breeze that swirled around me by the river, been spreading the truth to those willing to listen.. My msg of sound and love in offering out kazoos to bring back the fun and inner child, has always been a lifetime mission and passion. Thankyou for reaffirming yr messages. Truly grateful for Sunbow for producing this channell..deep gratitude.. Look forward to seeing yr fluffy face..mewmew! Xxxxxxx Yay!

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