Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story, by Georgeanna De Carlo, from Pennsylvania

By Georgeanna De Carlo

Heya, brother!
I finally wrote up the experience I shared with you at the retreat.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

One of the best things about communicating with the Sasquatch people is the fun that it brings into my life. I just never know how things are going to come about.

An old friend of mine who I hadn’t spoken to for years needed a place to stay for a week so he stayed with us. I thought about sharing The Sasquatch Message To Humanity with him immediately. He is an outdoor enthusiast, has had a lifelong connection with nature and enjoys reading. But something told me that although it was a good idea, it would be better to allow it to meld for a few days. You know, just talk about the contents without pushing the identity of the messenger.

This is the way things often work for me. I come into contact with people who I can feel are carrying the undercurrent, so to say – but would be more freaked out than helped by sharing as my teenage daughter often scolds me, “TMI!” (Too Much Information) at once.
I knew that he’d lived in big cities for the last couple years, asked if he’d had the opportunity to spend much time in the woods anymore. He said that he hadn’t and that he really missed it. He started going out for walks in the woods. Again, I felt compelled, but was again suggested that it would be better to wait.

We went for a long drive together and he ended up telling me about a falcon that he’d rescued years earlier from an oil puddle on a job site that he worked at. He’d picked the bird up out of the puddle and wiped him off best that he could, put him in a box in the truck with him and started calling animal rescue agencies to help.

This ended up being a long process and he kept the falcon in the truck with him all day. By the time he drove the extra couple hours to the place that would care for it, the bird was riding on his shoulder. He put it back in the box and brought it inside. No amount of coaxing by its new caretakers relived the anxieties of this bird. It screeched and tried to attack anyone who came near it. They asked how he’d been able to handle it. He reached in and picked it up, put it back on his shoulder. He was able to finally pass the bird to his new rescuers.

After he told me this story, I thought aha! The perfect intro for the Sasquatch Message to Humanity! But, not so. Again, they told me – closer, but not yet. Well as it ended up, he left our house that day and went and stayed at a property that I grew up on. I felt kind of bad, like maybe I did miss an opportunity after all. I’d gotten the first couple books out and there they sat…. However, the best was yet to come!

I talked to him the next day and he was so excited he could hardly talk. Come to find out, the night before he’d been walking in the backyard and heard some weird noises coming from a thicket at the top of a bank above the creek. The briers were full of blackberries and at first he thought it was a bear. He called for a friend to come and see. She heard the noises and stared in amazement as they watched the bushes moving but nothing in them. Then there was the distinct noise of rocks being knocked together. They walked closer, looked over the bank and didn’t see anything at all.

My other friend who is well familiar with my interactions with the Sasquatch people and has had her own experiences particularly in this area, thought of when she’d heard the strange calls like owls hooting there and coyotes yipping. She didn’t say anything to him about that at the time but started to wonder.

Then to their surprise, they saw the bushes being pushed apart as if by something very large – moving in giant steps as if jumping hurdles, straddling large fallen trees. They said there was a shimmer in the air. Again they heard the clacking of rocks and a knocking as if someone was hitting a stick against a tree and then a big crack as if a large limb broke off a tree or a smaller tree was broken.

It was nearly dark so come first light, he went out to investigate. After all the happenings, my friend shared with him about the Sasquatch people and how they are interdimensional. She said he was shocked but couldn’t deny what he’d just experienced.

The next day he brought me with him to revisit the area that he’d spent that morning checking out. He showed me the trail from where he’d first heard the noises; there were giant leaps, mainly about 10, some were more like 15 feet apart. He said at one point he saw the shimmer go from the ground to a tree and then move from tree top to tree top. He showed me where a large branch had been broken off a tree, the ends of it with fresh green leaves on it still. It had landed and broke a smaller tree.

There were no ferns down or any other sign of bent foliage consistent with an animal moving through the woods from the first point of contact to where the prints disappeared. The ground was moist from the common rains we’d been having, already dense soil covered with thick patches of moss. We found two footprints though and took a couple pictures of these clear indentations on the leafy forest floor. There appeared to be a big toe that pushed way out to the side and at least 3 small toes. Honestly, looking at the pictures though, one is hard pressed to clearly identify this as a footprint. But after he finds the photo, I will attach it.

So, the big question – is it time now? Yes! I brought the books with me already knowing that. It’s funny, but for me I haven’t needed my introduction to happen this way. After I read the first chapter of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, I was in tears. I knew this was true. I discovered that my connection with them was so strong in my childhood, that it was necessary for them to step back a bit so that I could experience all that I’d intended. But now, I’m able to straddle experiences better. It is still difficult to not share everything with everyone all the time. I’m an easily excitable person. But, that’s another thing that having fortified communication with my brethren in nature, is the beauty of allowing situations, beings to unfold as they will; be patient and keep an open mind. Embrace newness. Experience awe.

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