New 225 kg 2.5 m tall driftwood Sasquatch in BC

New 225 kg 2.5 m tall driftwood Sasquatch in BC

Sasquatch statues and carvings can be found by the dozens in BC, but the latest addition to the collection literally stands out. Driftwood Artist Alex Witcombe from Quadra Island, between Vancouver Island and the Mainland, made a 225 kilo (500 pounds) 2.5 meter tall (8 feet) Sasquatch statue that attracts visitors on the somewhat isolated small island.

Standing on a trail in Rebecca Spit Provincial Park, the piece is one of the largest Witcombe has ever produced. Residents of the island have already taken a liking to the awe-inspiring piece, saying that its proven to be particularly appreciated by local children. That said, they conceded that the statue could be a bit creepy should someone unaware of its presence stumble upon the somewhat menacing at dusk. According to Witcombe, the purpose of the sculpture, aside from celebrating Sasquatch, is to encourage people to visit Quadra Island and explore the nature trails at the location.

quadra Mayhew the sasquatch

Witcombe’s collection of driftwood sculptures include other famous pieces such as a wolf family and a Ty Rex.


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