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Visitors in the Twilight: A Family’s Experience with UFOs, Bigfoot, and the Search for Answers

Visitors in the Twilight:
A Family’s Experience with UFOs, Bigfoot, and the Search for Answers
2nd Edition, with a Foreword by K. Steven Monk

By Lori and Dustin Chandler

From the Introduction….

Why write a book about experiences with an unknown creature such as Bigfoot? I and my husband had to explore the fundamental reasons behind the impetus of this book, which documents events during the year 2011 through most of 2012. Perhaps it had something to do with having to deal with something that challenged our perceptions of everyday reality – that safe harbor of mental conceptions that forms the central basis of our ideas of what constitutes a normal reality. Normal reality doesn’t seem to include something that has eluded scientific inquiry and accommodation for years. Something that happens to walk through your front yard, and knock on your window in the wee hours of the morning; is hairy, and stands somewhere between seven to ten feet tall, is anthropoid, leaves huge footprints, leaves messages with sticks, and seems to have a language of its own. Something that seems to have an uncanny intelligence and abilities that almost equals our own. Something, that has survived beyond the fringes of our civilization.

Perhaps our writing of this book was an attempt to cope with the disbelief that follows in the wake of such creatures, which filled us with a mixture of awe, fright, and respect. The purpose of this book also falls into the category of trying to explain what the possible true nature of these creatures might be – irrespective of the fact that some content is not acceptable, to most people who delve into the shadowy realm of the creatures, and try to prove their existence within a natural paradigm of thought. It is theorized in this book, that the origin of these creatures resides within an extraterrestrial explanation. The evidence presented within this book is primarily anecdotal, and circumstantial in nature, but evidence, none the less.

Most people live their lives within a comfortable reality. They go to work, raise kids, eat, sleep and are never touched by anything that would be considered to be beyond the norm. Sometimes it seems, it is better that some people never have to go outside that familiar perception, because when confronted by it they still refuse to believe in the possibility that there is something out there that is not normal. Something, that does not fit within their patchwork of comfortable being. It is far easier and more mentally stabilizing, for such people to believe that there is a logical and everyday familiar reason for everything – but there isn’t. I and my husband should know – we tried to explain everything that happened to us in a logical manner, but failed. Some things, it seems, are just not explainable within a normal context. When faced by numerous pieces of evidence that point toward something other than that of a normal experience, one needs to conclude that the sometime unimaginable does exist. It is out there somewhere – sometimes closer than you think.

Lori and Dustin Chandler
Spring 2011

Lori Chandler 8

Ordering Information:

Visitors in the Twilight: A Family’s Experience with UFOs, Bigfoot, and the Search for Answers, may be ordered by sending an email to the authors at Loribossert@gmail.com. The price is $18.00, which includes the cost of shipping and handling.

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