SCENIC – 8 months report

SCENIC – 8 months report

Just a few stats: After 8 months our SCENIC website has received 46,000 views, from 16,000 visitors in 116 countries. We have published 340 articles so far. We have had an average of 2,000 visitors a month. Please help us to grow our audience by sharing our links and posts in your social medias and blogs. Submit your stories for us to post here. Let us know you appreciate this site by liking, rating, commenting and following us.

We have kept our readers updated with posts on an almost daily basis, producing reports and videos from the events, conferences and expeditions we have organized, sharing our interviews we have given, the video readings of our books, and the results of our research, revising and editing submitted stories from our readers, replying to our abundant emails, answering many people’s questions and offering advice, all as voluntary service.

Our fundraiser has been to a stall since May and we have received only a handful of donations in the last five months. Please encourage us with donations @ these links:

via Paypal:

via e-transfer:

via GoFundMe:

We appreciate and thank all who show interest and support and help us widen our network and outreach through their contributions and collaboration. Best blessings…


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