Experiencers Stories

Experiencers sharing stories, by Brian Bland from BC

By Brian Bland

On the eve of my 64th birthday I was sitting in my room and felt a pull to go to the woods. Seeing as it was mid October darkness fell early but nevertheless I had a strong desire to go to the forest and welcome in the day of my birth, in the place I love like no other. I bundled up against the brisk, fall air, grabbed my drum and made the short jaunt to my place of peace and reflection.

Upon arriving I noticed a car parked at the gate, that was closed early, as is the case for winter hours. The occupant was there to open the gate for a film crew that was shooting a movie. Although regular traffic is not allowed walking in on foot is. I exchanged a few brief words with the security guard and told him we could talk further when i was headed out.

I spent a few hours in the woods cloaked by the serene blanket of night, drumming and singing to whoever cared to listen. The evening was not as cold as expected. pleasantly so.

As I headed out I noticed the guard was in his car and I decided I may as well just continue on home but before I reached my vehicle he exited his and greeted me again. As I said Joe worked security for the movie industry and we began discussing trivial matters.

Joe seemed to be a open minded, inquiring type and before long our conversation veered into a spiritual arena and my passion, the Sasquatch people. I believe Joe was of Russian decent and although he had never heard the term Sasquatch he was familiar with the names Bigfoot and Yeti. As he explained it he had often pondered the possibility of their existence.

All throughout our conversation I was aware of the loving, approving energy signature of the locals and then I knew why I was there. Joe related that earlier in the evening, at dusk, he had heard what sounded like something crashing through the woods to our immediate left. His thought at the time was that it was some large animal but he agreed that it seemed to be walking on two feet.

My new friend seemed to be intuned to energy in a similar fashion to me, and much as I was, he was also feeling it, that deep, loving energy so distinctive, unmistakable, throughout our chat. On two separate occasions he also heard obvious footfalls on the road just behind us. It was after midnight at this point but the clear, cloudless, moonlight sky afforded us good vision. Whatever was walking a short distance behind us was not visible to the naked eye.

At one point he saw a light traveling through the forest at high speed but when I turned to see what he was referring to there was nothing to be seen. I suppose it could have been a man with a headlamp walking along but the speed and fact that I saw nothing seemed to hint at something more. If it had of been a person I feel I would have witnessed them continuing on their path through the woods but all was black.

As we wrapped up I told Joe that the Sasquatch people were interested in connecting to him if he was open to the idea. I truly feel he was and that he grasped the context of our conversation. I told him to talk to them and say “Hi I am Joe and I would love to meet you.” At that point i departed and promised to return the next night to see if anything else had transpired.

I did in fact return and what he told me was both revealing and beautiful. Joe told me that his car was bathed in a strong floral fragrance that lasted the duration of the evening and in fact was still evident on his way home at shifts end. It is common for a female Sasquatch to exude a pleasant, floral fragrance and the one he described sounded exactly like what I have experienced on more than a few occasions. Was it lady Rahj? It sure sounded like it was but in any event it was clear to me that a female Sasquatch had keep him company for the duration of the evening. The pleasant scent was accompanied with an undeniable energy, a tranquil, loving peace, and a knowing of something more, deep and profound.

My friend has opened a door that he can walk through if he so decides. What awaits him is up to him and the teachers that presented it. I was humbled to have played a small part in it and excited for what his future may hold. Connections, it’s what my people do. Thank you for the trust and the honor.

My girlfriend moved from Eugene OR to Lynden WA just 45 minutes from me. She is connected to them as well. Been a long hard time coming. They actually put us together. So were in her new place a few days ago and she was just in the kitchen. Left for just a minute or so and came back and saw this. 100% not there before hand. Made and woven with dried grass. It was also wet from being outside. Little lady complete with a skirt. Housewarming gift i think…

Brian B doll

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