SCENIC: report after 9 months

Greetings Sasquatch Family and friends,
After 9 months, our website for the Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication has received over 52,000 views by over 18,000 visitors from around 120 countries. We have published over 360 posts so far this year. Posts here usually get between a few dozens to a few hundreds of readers and can reach over 1000 if they are shared and promoted. They are also automatically shared on our SCENIC Facebook page from where they can be re-shared, as well as on Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.
I’d like to invite those of you who feel interested in sharing about your Sasquatch encounters and communications with a wider audience for our collective education to send your texts on SCENIC at this link:
Stories can be signed or anonymous. Note: We cannot publish all the material submitted, due to different factors such as relevance, clarity and availability, and we reserve ourselves the right to edit out some parts to shorten the text. But we publish the great majority of what is submitted to us integrally and notify the senders when we post.
Likes, comments, feedback and donations are always welcome and appreciated.
See links on home page. Thank you all for your interest, contributions and support…

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