Message from Uncle Limptbataook, via Corey Hood

By Corey Hood

I ask for a message from the Sasquatch for this website to share with humanity, to save our Earth and make contact with star elders.


“If you want to channel my words, then we will see how well you can do. Others are responsible for their own words.”

It seems to bear the unmistakable signature of Uncle Limptbataook, so to respectfully confirm I ask, “Are you the one who will speak to me?”

“Yes, it’ll be a privilege,” he replies.

‘Overleaves,’ or soul psychology, are a specialty of mine… has anyone ever told you that you are an “old soul?” That is what we are talking about. We practice this in part because it provides a way of releasing entanglement, to know others/ourselves as who we truly are that in fact applies to every sentient creature in the universe. For him:
25 Grand Cycles before this one, 2nd Level Master Soul in the Sage Role, no Soul Twin.

Another specialty of mine: soul origin. Like a lot of us on Earth at this time, do you ever feel like you are not from around here? I tune in on the Sasquatch and get: from the Andromeda Galaxy.

Uncle Limptbataook:
“Andromeda is your home, we think, in your ancient history. In the beginning of creation, we were loving and helping you there.”

“If we are happy with your words, then we will raise the Earth up higher.”

“They are like children — the universe’s children.”


2 thoughts on “Message from Uncle Limptbataook, via Corey Hood”

  1. Hey All,

    First time here…so here it goes!

    I had a dream maybe a month ago now where I saw a very large footprint in the snow, I’m sure Sasquatch, & then saw in white letters “10 bonds & 6 souls” when I read this story I knew it must be related some how? Is there anyone that might be able to help me understand what is going on in both this experience & in my own dream?

    Many Thanks,
    The Cosmic Rod Maker

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    1. Greetings Jim, welcome in our community and thanks for your comment. Our Forest Elders often contact us through dreams, especially at first, as it is easier for us to get used to their presence this way. They first give us clues and signs such as footprints to let us know they want to communicate. In recent years they have been reaching to a fast growing number of Humans who are ready to communicate s ambassadors with non-human intelligence, to help us remember our bond with our greater cosmic family. They are very patient and go at the rhythm we are ready and willing to learn. It’s a life changing process that transforms our perceptions and understandings, on which we are invited and free to evolve towards higher consciousness. It is hard to interpret the message you received, but it is certainly meaningful and you should understand the exact significance when the time is right. Best blessings on your quest…


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