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‘Buffalo are our Brothers’, story by Cindy Carter

By Cindy Carter

Buffalo are our Brother

I have had some Sasquatch Elders come to me in recent weeks – these are the same ones that have been guiding me for so many years without my knowledge – that is until SunBow and I did an interview in Chewelah, Wa. I just feel them as a council, a high council, no names, no faces, just the presence and voice and feel and ancientness and connection to the source of all things. When they come I know it, as its very strong energy. One day recently, I stopped in at a thrift store – I was looking at the book section and a book just literally jumped out with bright lights around it to get my attention.
It was a kid’s book – something like “The Baby Buffalo Ben” that thought he was a dog…

I flipped through it and then put it down – I started feeling this energy of them, like they were there guiding this whole scenario…. then I had a friend see me and come down the aisle and tell she has been watching my videos about sasquatch and she wanted me to know of a local person I could talk to, we talked a bit, then we parted ways and I moved on down to another aisle, pretty soon she comes back running straight towards me. Apparently the first thing she picked up was a book – now of course it had to be a Sasquatch book – so she gives it to me… it’s an author’s edition, not in print, it is a kid’s reading book. Interesting, I think, as I am in talks with a friend about doing a children’s book!

If that isn’t great enough and knowing there was probably more to come… I go on my route to inspect vacation rental houses – my side job to my energy healing I do, and as I am driving along, I’m overwhelmed with the Ancientness I am feeling all around me – its like I got activated through that exchange prior –

So I go up high in the mountains through valleys I have never driven before, and I come around a bend and there is a sign right in front of me – a huge painting of a black panther, and now I’m in PANTHER VALLEY all of a sudden. I felt I had been teleported somewhere it was a surreal feeling.

The panther have come to me on occasion when I was working with inner earth portals in British Columbia and the US, so I immediately felt the connection to the inner earth right here as I am driving along this beautiful valley in the mountains of North Carolina.
It was just as I have experienced before – where PANTHER is the guardian to the inner earth portals – right at this spot was a line of energy that was so clear , the entrance, the “gate” if you will — and just up the road I came upon field after field of huge buffalo of all sizes and baby buffalo – tiered onto the mountain they were stacked in fields before me, everywhere my eye could see- it was amazing – I screamed, “Thank You Sasquatch Nation”- I was like giddy and joyous and goofy, it was so exciting to me –

So I drove along looking for the home I am to inspect. I find it, here it is, the entrance has Buffalo everywhere on both sides – it’s an elaborate over the top ridiculous 10 bedroom house (of gluttony really) – I go in the huge front doors and right there towering above the mantel is a gigantic BUFFALO.

I stood below that Buffalo for a while, I thanked the consciousness associated with the head of that buffalo – and I apologized to them – on the behalf of humans – apparently this owner raises buffalo for a jerky and meat business.
I was very solemn during my visit.
As I left going down the hill- I said outloud – “Thank You Sasquatch Nation for showing me”….

Now, I don’t ever hear voices, I have knowings, instant understandings, but just as I said thank you, I heard a voice – a very deep masculine ancient voice that said – “Buffalo are our brother”.

That voice stayed with me all throughout the day.

I have since had visions and dreams of buffalo – …

The Sasquatch Nation are telling me that “we are all related”- so, it is our awareness of UNITY, to treat all beings with respect as “our brother.”

My lessons continue.


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