Message from the Menehune of Hawaii, via Corey Hood

By Corey Hood

The reality of the Sasquatch is very unlike that of the Menehune. A long, long time ago they were the same, but now they are very different.

The Menehune are the peace-makers. They are vegan. Most Sasquatch, given the choice, would mostly prefer fruits such as pears, apples and healthy treats.

“When you think of us, you do not think of anything. There’s a reason for this. One of the lessons we can teach you is to respect the other species that you co-exist with here on Earth. The reason is that we are waiting to reach you till the point where our relative safety is assured.

“Because people if left to their own devices would destroy the planet, we came to Earth, sometime before the Hawaiian Islands formed. Our peoples have always served a critical need throughout the galaxy in the saving of greenhouse planets like yours when they are on the brink.

“You knew before you came that many of you will ascend here with us. We will respond to your yearning for the stars by teaching your race starfaring diplomacy, not entirely unlike we did with the Polynesians in their catamarans when we shared our secret to navigation of following the E.T. ships. That’s one way the navigators acquired their skills, along with observing the trade winds, the currents, the relative location of the moon and stars and other signs.

“Polynesians later settled in Hawai’i. Then after the British explorer Captain Cook, Spanish conquistadores arrived bringing disease and war. Hawaiians for awhile led by Kamehameha the Great degenerated into merciless warriors that sacrificed humans to their gods.

“We Menehune gave the people all the things they needed except the warfare. When we could not give them ascension tools, we hid.

“Visitors to these islands wonder, how do you get that mild constant year-round climate? From the beneficial effects of our presence bestowing protection and blessings that make this paradise.

“If you see anything, you will notice something that seemed to move really fast that was so far removed from what you are used to seeing that you blocked it. Hikers that climb to the lookouts to witness the amazing views here may report our appearance as short and muscular. We can move on near-vertical slopes where humans cannot approach.

“Though we are content to remain invisible most of the time, you would not believe the longing that we have to be in our physical bodies. We are the ones who spoke to you before you made the journey to here. It does not mean that you and we were together when we originally left Andromeda. But it does indicate that we are one nation learning to live in peace. You long to live with us too.

“While the majority in most of the world has made it illegal to contact extraterrestrials, in Hawai’i it did not. We are not the ones who have to welcome you, but we will greet you and remain open, even if we are the only ones who do.

“Whenever you look up, seeking our friends who constantly fly around in interesting-looking vehicles, ask us to do whatever it takes to bring them in. Then you can become a new citizen of the galaxy and leave the others to fight to the death.

“In Andromeda, we had been surveying all the damage that had been done. The more that we tried to change others, the less that we could lead our peaceful lives. Over time, we accumulated damages.

“Whether or not the majority lives in freedom, it is not the case that we are only here to be free. We are not the ones to tell you what to do. But if you keep on fighting to the death, you will go elsewhere to learn lessons that belong to you. It isn’t whether the majority is wrong or right that applies to you.

“When you get over the current warrior-like tendencies, you will see lots of beings, not just us, in the physical rather than merely occasional fleeting images.


About the writer

Corey Hood originates from the Pinwheel Galaxy (M33) (in Triangulum). This galaxy is part of our “local cluster” that also includes: the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) and our satellite galaxy the Magellanic Clouds. M33 maintains just over two hundred observers on Earth at all times as delegates. It consists entirely of pure energy, unlike the carbon-diamond spectrum basis of the others in the cluster.

He lives in Honolulu, HI and can be reached on

3 thoughts on “Message from the Menehune of Hawaii, via Corey Hood”

  1. Feeling your loving energy Menehune people, thank you for sharing from with conscious healing through inter species relations!
    Eternal authentic energy reality is here – now and forever!

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