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Receiving Love tells about the video readings of the Sasquatch Message

By Receiving Love

It’s been an honor to come across your work. I’ve been meaning to send you an image of a message Sasquatch sent me last summer before I started recording those… I meant to share this with all much earlier, but the time passed away too quickly to be relevant anymore, but you’ll still get a laugh out of it at least!…

So Sasquatch sent me this message right before I started recording again, this was a strong prompt to get around to them! I walk to a nearby wilderness park & there are some tiny libraries around that people leave things in & painting or decorating rocks is all the rage around here. The black & silver thing is literally a toy microphone. Which I found right with the rock… They were like “Hi There! Don’t you have work to do, where is it!?” This was like a year & half after I wrote to Kelly about sharing it… but it was on my mind to do all that time! Time passes so fast for me…

autumn podharski

Note from SunBôw: Receiving Love made a wonderful series of high quality video readings covering the entire content of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 1.

We are sharing the links again here. To listen to this audio version of the book, click:

Links to Parts 1 to 3

Links to Parts 4 to 7

Link to Part 8

With gratitude to Receiving Love for her monumental work in doing this recording.

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    Receiving Love, Grateful to have come across your recording work. I don’t know how many times I played the records but I can tell whenever I feel the need to know, I push the replay button. Spoken with such an ease, eloquent tender and soft yet very clear…Thank you

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