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Speaking of Sasquatch, video series from 2013

Speaking of Sasquatch, video series from 2013

A wonderful collection of mediums and communicators channeling the Sasquatch.


4 thoughts on “Speaking of Sasquatch, video series from 2013”

  1. Hi Sunbow,

    Many thanks for your excellent work.

    I’d like to run something by you if I may. I follow lot’s of channels that cover Sasquatch topics but the link below was interesting in a whole different way.

    This fellow is a professional hunting guide, very colorful and direct. He has strong human emotions, often is very funny and obviously loves the whole outdoor environmental subject deeply.

    I have challenged him in the past about the whole concept of “game animals” for trophies. I’m not a hunter and honestly don’t share the thrill they have, but at the same time don’t judge them per se. Hunting for food is understandable but somehow leading people for money seems different. I tried to probe this a bit and got no where, then just backed off.

    However in view of your post about the telepathic contact you had with the white wolf, there are two other videos he has put out recently about wolves that are very compelling. Here they are.

    Clearly he cares deeply about this subject and is not taking a superficial approach. I don’t claim to have any answers for the questions he poses yet somehow that ethical dilemma is still there.

    Out of curiosity I tried to dialogue telepathically with the Sasquatch about this. I sensed they also rejected the paradigm of guiding people into the wilderness for “hunting experiences” and the ego centric view of life this represents. Have you raised this issue with them? I’m curious as to whether you have any feeling about this as well as the larger dilemma that he expresses in the two wolf videos.

    Thank you,


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    1. Greetings, I haven’t watched the videos yet, will try to find time later, but I’m sent a lot and much booked. When we start to feel empathy for all life, which is the gateway to telepathy, we understand that our limited human perspectives have to be put back in context of the greater web we are part of and on which we depend. This teaches us humility and that we are not on top nor superior to other life forms. With that understanding, our consciousness will seek to develop our connections and bonds through peaceful relations with heart and Love, which exclude the use of weapons. Hunting respectfully for survival is an ancient skill, but too many just kill as a leisure, while the ongoing Anthropocene mass extinction event requires for us to change our ways and learn to respect other forms of life. Still a long wa to go for many…

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    1. Thanks for letting me know. When you click on it, it says you have to view them on youtube, so if you click on the link that appears with this notification, it takes you to the video on youtube…


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