Balenn: A paranormal Sasquatch story, by Jerome Mooney

Balenn: A paranormal Sasquatch story, by Jerome Mooney

This is a story about the capture of 3 Sasquatch in the mountains that divide B.C. and Alberta, Canada. In the early 1980’s, when this story unfolded, the public did not as readily accept paranormal events. This news item would have been laughed at, so the entire happening was kept secret. In this, the 21st century, we witness paranormal events more often, and so the following story can be told.

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2 thoughts on “Balenn: A paranormal Sasquatch story, by Jerome Mooney”

  1. Hi, I tried to sign up at watt page to read your articles. After creating an account, it wouldn’t let me on the site unless and until I went through facebook or google. Sorry, but I am not going to go through either one of those medias. You need to allow people to sign up somehow using only their email address and not make them jump through further hoops such as facebook and google which are designed to collect more information about them, without their permissions. NOW I can understand why your site was asking for my birthdate!

    Sorry. Your article sounded interesting and I would have enjoyed reading it. But I will be unsubscribing since you are apparently supporting lack of personal privacy.

    Disappointed, Marilyn Sloper

    On Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 7:32 PM Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communicati

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    1. Greetings Marilyn, Your message should be addressed to the server of that website we provided the link to. All I did here is to share the link to that free book that the author sent me to share. I’m not responsible for how that book or the server offering it proceed, no more than for the settings of videos on youtube.

      If you would browse this website here, you would see that all our material is made easily and freely available, without any subscription required, including my books offered for free reading. What we offer here is a free service that requires many hours of voluntary work. We appreciate the readers’ feedback, as well as their contributions, but we can’t take the blame for how other websites proceed. If you don’t want to give your FB or personal data, it’s perfectly your choice, but this might imply that you deprive yourself from free offers like that e-book. Personally, I registered to that website to read that book and don’t regret it one bit. Meanwhile, we keep working for this community here and offering our free services in informing, researching, replying to the abundant emails and producing texts and videos ourselves that we share graciously. I say we, as we have support, but in fact I do pretty much all the work on this website. So all help and encouragements are more than welcome…


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