Message of Guidance for our times, by SunBôw

Message of Guidance for our times, by SunBôw

Where are we heading now? It’s up to every one us…

Prophecies fulfill. Dreams come true. Visions manifest. Signs appear. The White Buffalo has returned, Condor and Eagle reunited, the doors of the House of Glass were opened to the Indigenous Peoples, the four colors have come together, the last baktun was completed, the Rainbow warriors are circling, we are the 7th generation, the 8th Fire is being lit. What’s coming next on our walk towards Unity and Peace on Earth?…
Re-sharing here a message received in dream in February 2015:

Humanity is about to enter the hardest phase of its evolution since the beginning of its existence. It’s time for all the spiritually conscious Light workers, healers, wisdom keepers and medicine carriers to come together and unite as One. We must quit thinking as ‘I’ to think as ‘We’, seeking the common interest.

We must seek our allies and work with them in building communities for our own survival and sustenance, and to keep doing our ceremonies to maintain this world’s balance and healing process through the fire storm. We must keep feeding and caretaking the fire of healing and consciousness, as the fire of destruction burns and devastates our beloved planet. We must be compassionate, but careful.

Time to reach out to educate and change minds is coming to an end very soon. These social medias have done their share in informing and awakening the collective consciousness, but the critical mass already reached is who we have to work with now. There is a hard core of resisting forces against our planetary evolution who are attempting their last chance to grab and control our planet.

Soon to demand Peace will be seen as dissidence, pacifists and ecologists will be hunted down as insurgents. These social medias will have to be used with care. Grassroots, like not so long ago but in a larger scale, will become underground. Too late to try to convince the hard core anymore. We have to use these networks to organize our communities and events for our very own survival and continuity.

Our circles should work peacefully for the best interest of all life, while being ready to stand and get involved in protecting the little resources, lands, waters and wildlife, as well as the spiritual and cultural legacy from our ancestors, that we are left with to depend on and transmit as our inheritance to the future generations.

There will be more and more work to do on the grounds, and less on social medias. We are asked to be genuine and truthful, to walk on the Sacred Path. Our Star allies in the Cosmic Confederacy ask us to start co-creating in our lifestyles a planetary culture and civilization based on Peace with Earth, Life and all planets.

This means a global network of circles and communities living the way of Peace and teaching it. Being bound by the same intentions of Peace, these circles must connect together worldwide to come up with a new planetary Peace civilization.

We should withdraw from the dying institutions of the old passing world, which will keep desintegrating at a faster rate. By withdrawing our support and participation, we will help to speed up the decay and downfall of those karmic institutional burdens bringing chaos, violence and destruction in the world.

The temporal powers trying to prevent our evolution to keep us under their dominance will now use all their tricks and assets to complete their plan of global control by force and illusion, to make an artificial world of their own invention. Their goal is to show themselves as gods that we must submit to, willingly or not.

Be not deceived nor discouraged Earth keepers, but be aware and prepare. Hold your circles strong and unite with allies. It will last for years, until it gets better. During these few years starting now, the world as we know it will cease to exist. Everything we know will be transformed, the old structures will die out, there will be much fire, blood, death, pains and sufferings, the great cleansing purification.

Then the survivors will be left with nowhere to run and no one to turn to. Only the Peace circles that have maintained themselves strong and joined in the planetary Peace Circle will offer any hope and guidance for a depleted Humanity.

We must go back to Nature now, live with the land, know our water sources, grow our gardens, use our ancestors’ knowledge while we remember it, turn our spiritual values and prayers into concrete actions in our lifestyles and destiny.

Soon money will become worthless, but Mother’s gifts will always be precious. Let’s reconnect with our roots and be deeply grounded in Earth, so we can last through the fire storm and bear worthy fruits, a planetary Peace civilization.

Then our relatives in the stars will return and sit again with us, so we can act as caretakers of the best interests of all Life on our planet, in harmony with all sisters planets maintaining the Cosmic Law. This will be a gigantic leap for Humankind.

Never forget that we are not alone in this evolutionary path, and that what is happening on Earth concerns the Universe


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