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Communication with Star ships 08/23/19, video

By SunBôw

Communication with star ships 08/23/19. Tonight again, there were lights on the mountain. This time on the steep slope halfway to the summit. They were flashing irregularly with varying intensities. At first, I saw one and started communicating with it for a while with a lighter, and it started answering back. At some point, the light glided sideways and another one flew down to join it, both sending light messages. I ran to get my camera and laser pointer and had an extended communication with them in light signals. The whole exchange lasted over half an hour. I didn’t film all of it and share here only one excerpt. It starts getting especially interesting around 2m30s, but the whole clip shows interactions. Sorry if sometimes it gets blurry when trying to zoom with the low grade camera I’ve been using. Coincidentally, I just joined a CE5 group today, who uses similar techniques to establish peaceful contact. We have had many sightings and communications here, but this was the longest and clearest that I could also film. Grateful to our Cosmic Elders for visiting, building bridges connecting worlds, through inter-dimensional, inter-species, intergalactic peaceful and spiritual communications.

6 thoughts on “Communication with Star ships 08/23/19, video”

  1. Thank you so much for the star ship post. It is always so fun to see them. I had several Andromedians visit me last week, 1 male and 2 juniors. Very lovely beings. Hugs, love and light, Kelly

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  2. I would have loved to have been on the side of that mountain to witness this amazing appearance!!!! Thank you for sharing with all of us – so much is happening right now! Mary McAuliffe

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  3. SunBow, sorry about the duplicate post above. I wasn’t able to delete it.. thanks again for posting, and your wonderful selfless sharings and work to spread all the amazing experiences you’ve had and providing a platform for all to share.
    Mary R. 🌻🙏

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