The Sasquatch Benevolent Collective, via La Luminista

Channeled by La Luminista, 2019, shared with her permission

The Sasquatch Benevolent Collective

This is the time of community, of coming together, hearts entwined. Standing as one in a vision of light, love and all that is. The coming times are recluse against what is to be. Pull together, ignite your inner flame. Bring community together. Pool your resources, and go back to the ways of old. Create your own reality within your community of love.

You are supported. You are nourished. You are endearing to us. We consider you precious cargo on this great planet of yours. Invaluable cargo. You are to illuminate the world, illuminate each other. Take each other into the fold.

You do not need to fear what is coming. You only need to fear the fear within yourself, that once extinguished will free your soul, and you will become the highest version of yourself.  Pull the plugs of density within yourselves and allow them to be flushed down the drain. Allow the light to permeate your being in totality.

Time is not lost. Time can never be bought nor sold, but the moment is upon you to begin your communities. Your community living, breathing, and being. Go back to nature. Look to nature for inspiration on how to live your lives in purity, in honesty and in integrity. Send your almighty love to your mother earth, that she may support you and encourage you through these times of hardship to come. You are always safe in her embrace, and she loves you dearly. Honour her in return and gift her of your love.

You will never be without, that is assured. We are here as watchers, as guardians, as friends to those of you who are aware enough to acknowledge us. We walk this earth with you hand in hand, heart in heart. Our journey is one, and we are delighted to be part of that.

This one will set her sights on the highest level community that can be attained. She is a beacon to those who are searching, and a grand sister to those she calls family. She will offer you much in the way of knowledge and understanding. We applaud her goals and dreams, as she embarks on this journey of the spirit.

The Sasquatch Benevolent Collective

Source: La Luminista

(I just met her online. She channels Sasquatch, but had no knowledge of our communities, networks or events.)


8 thoughts on “The Sasquatch Benevolent Collective, via La Luminista”

  1. It feels wonderful to be on the planet right now. Very exciting and so grateful to all the Sasquatch collective and all you guys who channel their messages and share with the rest of us, keeping us connected in a whole new wonderful way! In case you haven’t already, La Luminista has an amazing QHHT session posted on creating in the New Earth. It is wonderful to envision while listening to this amazing session! Namaste to you all, thank you, and I love you.
    P.s. Anyone around the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY, feel free to email me. I would love a connection. :).

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