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Don’t look for us outside. Find us within.

By SunBôw

”Don’t look for us outside. Find us within.” This is the highlight of what the Sasquatch have been teaching me lately. I haven’t had time to write since my two week trip on Vancouver Island and the coast this month, but much happened. Apart from visiting fabulous places and natural wonders, beaches, old growth rainforest, caves, wild lakes and rivers along a trail of totem poles, with a cruise around the Nootka Sound and on four other ferries, it was a pilgrimage to the source within for recharging the soul.

The time available does not allow to describe in details the experiences and messages received, but I’ll share the highlights. Having had two life-changing encounters on the Island before, I was expecting some spectacular manifestation. But it came rather in the form of new connections and inner guidance, mainly about spiritual work on my Self.

At the Kamloopa pow wow, largest one in the west, they got me to dance to near death in the ”Caucasian Classics”, which was a humbling but fun experience. I made this video of the awe-inspiring (especially the end) Grand Entry, counting over five hundred dancers.

I then drove through the Thompson and Fraser Canyons to Harrison Lake near the Harrison Hot Springs, dubbed the Sasquatch Capital of the World, where I left some books in bookstores. There was a huge dragon statue in the store of that experiencer lady, first one of a series I would cross along the journey, as dragon spirits manifested.

I spent that night at the Sasquatch Crossing Eco-Lodge, near the Chehalis First Nation, from where originates the very name ”Sasquatch” and near where I had my first encounter 38 years ago, shared on SCENIC previously. That night this month, the local Sasquatch clan I had met last June manifested in the woods around with eye shine, branches snapping and many voices, mumbling, whispers, grunts and whistles. I tried to record but there was a loud background noise of flowing water, so I had a couple samples mastered and we can hear the voices, but nothing clear we could call a ”conclusive evidence”. I asked a Sts’ailes man about Sasquatch and he said they have many stories but don’t talk, not to be laughed at. When I told him of my connection with Sasquatch, he started talking about his encounter and how medicine people feed them.

The next morning, I mentioned Sasquatch to a Sts’ailes woman and she had the same reaction than the other man, when I shared my connection with Sasquatch, she ran to get a photo of large footprints taken days earlier by her uncle, a medicine man who knows the Sasquatch. It was interesting to see how they open when we love Sasquatch, but would not talk to an outsider who has no understanding, for fear of being ridiculed.

After crossing on the Island, I stayed three days with my friend Joanne who organized a group for me to give a talk and sell books. We had some great conversation and interdimensional experiences with entities of the neighboring woods and mountains. I made an offering as a spirit plate, with samples of every plant essence around the mountain top on a piece of arbutus bark, as the Sasquatch has taught me before. The last morning we did a drum ceremony by the seashore to honor the serpent-like being locally known as Cadoborosaurus or Caddie, sighted there in Cadboro Bay.

I then visited the Royal BC Museum and marveled at the cultural treasures of the exhibits, from the tribes of the unceded Native lands in so-called BC, and learned a lot about their cultures. Stones, bones, furs, feathers, quills, shells, weaving, carvings, etc…

Among all the amazing artwork, I was struck to find out that the Nootka and Haida tribes among others, have dragon-like masks and petroglyphs representing a ”Serpent”, although it doesn’t like like a serpent, but more like a dragon or ”horse head”, as many witnesses have described, and as I witnessed in 2017 in the Okanagan Lake. Water Serpents (or Dragons) have been reported for ages in many seas, lakes and rivers.

The surprise grew as I kept seeing dragon statues everywhere along the way, not all could be photographed, but here are a few examples. Coincidentally, many people with connections to dragons have been connecting with me recently.


I carried on along the southwestern coast, stopping at driftwood-covered beaches and hiking along the Pacific trail in lush, moss-covered giant forests. There were of course First Nations along the way whose territories I acknowledge and honor when visiting.

From Port Renfrew, back east across the Island and up the coast to see other beaches. Then returning west again across the Island through Elk Falls and Strathcona Parks.

From the peaceful little town of Gold River, I took the weekly Nootka Sound cruise, visiting the vast interior sea through its many inlets and islands. I saw a killer whale tail, a couple sea lions, eagles, sea birds and my first sea otters. It is considered as the birthplace of so-called British Colombia. San Miguel Island had the first European contact and settlement on the west coast of Canada, first cows, first gardens, first church and first ship built. It was settled in 1770 by the Spanish, who had mapped Nootka Sound since 1570. When Captain Cook arrived in 1773, it triggered a trade war over sea otter pelts which almost caused Spain and England to start a war, which was avoided with the Treaty of Paris twenty years later, when Spain renounced to its claims north of Oregon.

From there I went inside the Island of Caves, as Vancouver Island is called for hosting the largest and deepest cave networks in North America, still mostly unexplored. I visited the underworld at the Upana Caves, a network with fifteen known entrances. The rocks felt like living beings and carried many faces or animal shapes or all kinds.

There was also some wildlife encountered along the journey, plenty of deer, sea birds, turtles, ducks, geese, herons, ravens, crows, eagles and a big black wolf crossing the road. There are many more photos of my journey in my albums on Facebook.

After that I finished the tour of the Island with its northern part and touched the sea on both sides, east in Port Hardy and west in Port Alice. I finished the journey on the Island with a ferry back to Mainland on the wonderful Sunshine Coast, after which I drove back to the Interior via Lillooet, the oldest known settlement in BC, dated at least 9000 years.

To make the story short, all along I was keeping my eyes open and seeking signs of Sasquatch activity, after the encounter by Chehalis, and saw little to none. Yet, all along the way and especially in quiet stretches and moments alone in nature, they were talking to me and teaching me, mainly about taking responsibility for our own spiritual growth, by doing continual spiritual work on ourselves and raising our consciousness level.

We can always appreciate the external gifts and signs we receive in our inter-species communication process, but the most beneficial outcome we can experience are felt within our soul and help us become better Humans, always more loving, more peaceful, more caring, more compassionate, more wise and more holy than our previous self.

Telepathic connection and communion on the soul level happen from our Higher Self within and it is where we can find divine guidance and communicate with our guides.

Some of the inter-species interactions and communications we experience are meant to be intimate with message addressed personally for our guidance, so not all experiences can be shared publicly, some can be only shared in tighter circles, and some not at all. The path is to develop ourselves through these learning experiences and reflect the results through our lives and actions, rather than to report every detail of the walk.

There would be much more to share, but already we are preparing for or 4th annual international Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat, in Chewelah, Washington, next weekend, with people from at least a dozen of countries this year, a high energy, high frequency, high consciousness gathering uniting a global community of seekers, experiencers and inter-species communicators. This year our keynote speaker is Ron Morehead, famous for the Sierra Recordings and author of Quantum Bigfoot.

There is about forty presenters and speakers. I’ll do again this year the opening ceremony on Friday, give a lecture on Saturday, and the closing ceremony on Sunday.

We thank all our readers, supporters, donors, patrons and collaborators in SCENIC who help and contribute each in their own way to bring the disclosure about inter-species communication with Sasquatch and other non-Human intelligent sentience. Please, like, rate, share our posts and links, to help us spread the info worldwide. DONATE. Thanks to all…

7 thoughts on “Don’t look for us outside. Find us within.”

  1. Hi Sunbow, so thankful you got to go and so thankful you shared your experience with us! 🙂
    Wish I could be at the gathering this weekend in the physical but I for sure will be there in Spirit! Happiness & Joy

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