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Report from the 2019 Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat, by Kelly Lapseritis

Report from the 2019 Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat, by Kelly Lapseritis

Thank you all for your support and presence at the 2019 Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat! This year was the largest and most expansive as for the size of the gathering and in experiences for all who attended. This year, we had more first-time guests than we had veterans, bringing the total guest list to somewhere around 333 (last year we calculated 222 – seriously!)

So many beautiful and diverse souls came together this last week to connect with soul family and experience the sentient Sasquatch People as well as Star Nations and many other realms of beings and energies. Hundreds experienced life-changing profound events and interactions and so many awakened into a deeper knowing of ONEself and activated within them their own sovereign innerstanding. It is such a beauty-full and joy-full event to see so many bright lights gathered at once, sparkling in the darkness of the new moon and among dark energies that wish to take out the light. But together we become a beacon of love; a pillar that can withstand and disrupt any darkness that is near.

We were blessed with many new speakers and topics this year and have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on how these workshops have helped bring awareness, wisdom, and understanding in multiple areas in many lives. Even more than the workshops, connecting with soul family one-on-one and personal interactions with sasquatch, ancestors, nature spirits and other beings was more than all years combined of this retreat, including the star elders whose presence was prevalent in the sky every night.

What an amazing family this is: all kinds of humans from all walks of life, from 11 different countries around the world with many different beliefs and backgrounds! This is such a beautiful and diverse group (of humans and other beings) that sees each other as one family without judgement or hierarchy, where you are free to be yourself and express your divinity and creativity in ways you have never done before. This is a place of growth, change, acceptance, fun, compassion, kindness, truth, healing, awareness, peace, and love. Everyone has been so considerate and helpful throughout the event, caring for one another, volunteering in areas needed and helping to ensure that everyone was in a space of well-being.

With this expansive growth in our family reUNION, there are many new considerations we must make in the organization and structure of this gathering. I (Kelly) am so grateful for everyone for their help and assistance in so many areas throughout the retreat. I put out the request and call for a volunteer committee to assist in areas of planning future events since it appears that it will continue to increase in the number of attendees. Several lovely humans stepped forward to offer their assistance, so along with the Sasquatch, we will work together to ensure this gathering continues to flow with the highest intentions and best accommodations for all.

Thank you all for BE-ing you and for all you do! This event is magical only because of the magic we all co-create within this circle of love, compassion, and peace.

On a side note, there were a few items left unclaimed in the lost and found such as some boots, rx sunglasses, car key, articles of clothing, and a medicine bag. If anyone is missing these or anything else, please let me know. No phones have been found.

Hundreds (maybe thousands?) of photos from the 2019 Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat can be seen here (and more being added daily):


4 thoughts on “Report from the 2019 Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat, by Kelly Lapseritis”

    1. There is never a mistake to those numbers shown! Double triple numbers have been showing up for me, guiding me along the way! Even though I didn’t make it there this year or last year, I don’t feel that that’s a mistake especially since those numbers are epically showing to me what should matter and who my soul family is!
      I was asked to be a part of the 333 harmonic convergence group, then go to tell my sister, who has had many Sasquach experiences shows me the 333 tattoo she is having her daughter put at the base of her neck!
      These are just mere reminders to pay attention and be open for guidance!
      So excited to making it to one soon, or maybe there will be one down here in Florida!!
      Lots of love and laughter-
      Lori k GoldenFeather

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      1. Thanks for sharing your insights Lori. Indeed, guidance shows us the way when we pay attention. These gatherings seem to want to last and expand. It’s a growing movement reaching many. See you next time…


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