Where do you stand? Are you at peace with that? By Kay Omah

By Kay Omah

Where do you stand? Are you at peace with that?

09/04/19: Hi everyone,

I want to speak about something that is heavy on my heart.

It is about The People. The Sasquatch People. I do mean People. I know this for absolute truth. They are not apes, or animals, they ARE People.

For those individuals and/or groups that profess it is a justified sacrifice to kill a Sasquatch for any reason, they are wrong! In every sense and measure of humanity they are wrong. They are pure and simply, speaking of, and trying to, sell others on the act of SANCTIONED MURDER.

It is difficult for my heart to reason how in our progressive day and age, there can still be mentalities that believe “science” and so called “learning” justify the killing of any species in the name of this so called learning. Let alone a true People, with culture, spirituality, language and family structure.

It has nothing to do with learning…but much to do with many other real reasons. Protection is not one of them.

How can someone be at peace with this twisted logic? “We are going to murder one or more of these people so we can then take steps to protect them”? Really? Can you see the obvious flaw in this reasoning? Completely aside from the MORAL reasons, this is so wrong?

How are they planning to decide “who” it will be? A child? Or the child’s Mother? Will it be a Father? A grandfather? Will it be an entire family? Maybe the children are thought to be easier to gain their trust? Or a mother as she tries to protect them? Do any of these feel right to you? I hope with all my heart your answer is no, and that you may even feel as sickened at the thought of this as I am. On a soul level.

Please be aware as you seek to know more about the People, of what groups you are joining, following, and supporting by liking. You tube videos as well. Check your group list now and then too, I know I have been added to groups that I did not apply to.

If you see someone you know and care about in one of these pro kill/murder groups…talk to them, let them know what that group’s ultimate intentions are. They may not be aware. These groups are not always up front about their true mission, and will conceal this in words of research, and establishing, science, field study……do your homework, listen between the lines.

Please refuse to support these groups and people in any way. Including videos. Please. To knowingly support them is to be an accomplice to their intention of murder.

Please…there is NOTHING that justifies the intentional killing of one of these people. Nothing. If you support this in any way…you are not who I have believed you to be.


A few days ago I posted something that has been heavy on my heart.

Most of you have read that post and know my truth. It addressed groups and organizations that have made it a mission to put a body of one of the People in the so called hands of science . The Sasquatch People.

Most affiliated with these groups are under the belief that this is to ultimately protect them. This is not truth. Not in reality. It may be the truth of individuals that want or need to believe this, but it is not TRUTH in a real sense of our real world.

You do not say we are just going to KILL/MURDER a few and put them on a table to study, dissect and prove they are real. THEN we can protect the rest of them.

Not only is this morally wrong but it is absurd. That people that claim to want to protect these people and care about them have allowed themselves to buy into this is unbelievable, and sad to me.

How does your heart make peace with this?

How do you tell your heart and your spiritual source that this right or okay?

Do you think the Sasquatch People that you profess to care about and want to protect agree with you? Do you believe THEY feel the sacrifice of one or more of their People is justified? and for WHO? Science? Government? Skeptics? Really? These are worth the price of one of their children? Mothers, Fathers, Grandfathers or Grandmothers? A sister or a brother?

Do you really believe they would agree?

Would you be able to look into the eyes of any of the above and be the one to personally pull the trigger? Would you be able to look into the eyes of any of the above “after” you have, and explain to them that it is for Science, or the Skeptics on YouTube? For our government? “So that we can protect the rest of you” Would you be able to look into their eyes and still feel so sure as you see their grief, their loss and really believe that yourself?

Because if YOU could not be the one to personally pull that trigger…there is some part of you that knows it is wrong.

For a moment really truly picture that. Face to face with the beings you claim to care about as their family member (s) lay dead, explaining your reasons as you look into their eyes. Do you still feel so sure?

Because look how well we and our government protect ourselves. Exemplary record don’t you think? Look at the shootings in our places of worship, public schools, festivals and events….and those are just the “special occasions” That doesn’t begin to count the every day ways we fail to protect ourselves from ourselves.

Yes,….look in their eyes and say that the death of their child or mate was to protect them. That we don’t even intend to allow you to honor your loved one in death, because SCIENCE and SKEPTICS want to know, inquiring and curious minds don’t you know…so we are going to dissect and study them. Sorry about that.

When they say to come with open hearts to know them, do you really think this is what they mean?

Here is one that should resonate and it could be hoped, make you re- evaluate your motives. “When you look for Sasquatch….you find yourself.” You’ve heard this. We all have. It is TRUTH. I know what that truth means, and has meant for me, and I have a peaceful heart about what I have found about myself. Do you?

What SELF do you find? If you are one of the researchers and enthusiasts that feel it is right and just to kill/murder any of these people just to offer proof to self proclaimed skeptics and science of who and what they are…to answer curious minds? What do you find when you look to yourself…to your real self in this?

It’s not for our government because they already “know” and I think we have established that any thought of them “protecting” them is a lie. It is a lie. A sad lie.

There are species that are “known” that every single day are going extinct or becoming threatened with extinction. As in GONE FOREVER. Nevermore to be apart of this world. We have not protected them.

So for those of you still crying animal and ape…how can you allow yourself to believe that the Sasquatch would be anymore protected? We still have not been able to protect and keep safe the mountain gorillas without fail!

When I hear those with the technology and guns at the ready to be the ones to “bag” the bodies saying these are not people they are Apes, or something else, it feels like a justification…that somehow because they “say” they believe they are not a people it is a lesser crime of killing. Not murder. “I was shooting an animal or ape for a specimen” or the ones that claim “A Monster”!

There have been monsters thru time, but they are of our own people and making. We are the scariest and most violent and aggressive being in this world.

There are many REAL reasons some want this killing done. Protection has nothing to do with it for the ones that are actively ready and seeking to pull the trigger.

Then there are those that agree they “could” or “might” be a People, and still they are in the camp that a “body on a slab” as I have heard is justified “So we can get bills passed to protect them, because we will have proof they are real and a people.”

Where in our current culture did things get so twisted that we in our arrogance might actually believe we have this authority over any other People, or beings for that matter? Let alone that we would protect them.

Our government KNOWS. They don’t need proof. Skeptics are free to have their opinions, but not murder. Researches that truly want to learn and know the People for who they are, have only to discover their own TRUE humanity first. Get their head and heart right, and then seek….but SEEK in a way that is respectful of these People, respectful of their homes, family, culture. Respectful of all that share their homeplaces as well. Because if you haven’t found this within your self, ….your own higher humanity, ….you are not ready to find them.

You have work to do, research to do…on yourself first. Find your own humanity….TRUE humanity…learn to protect what we have, our own children, elders, and people in a good way… THEN seek….and in respect…ASK to know them. Not to mandate the falsity of protection…but to simply know what those that “have” done this already know.

Kay Omah

Kay Omah

4 thoughts on “Where do you stand? Are you at peace with that? By Kay Omah”

  1. Thanks for the post. It appears the government has been lying for many many years regarding the sasquatch peoples. My experience happened 1976/77 and I have talked about it many years and have been laughed at been given nicknames and many other negative aspects have happened. These people, beings are real and all I can say is they are far more intelligent then your average intelligent human. I for one am not at peace with the situation and the aditudes of the disbelievers. There have been many bigfoot that have been murdered and many bodies given to those so call scientists, who are a disgrace to themselves and man and animal. They should be hung on a branch and pissed on.(sorry for that last statement}. I have more respect for those grand creatures, still have a small bit of fear due to the many terrible acts from those murderer and disbeliever in these grand beings. Dave

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  2. Thank you for this message. There are many of us who feel the same as you do. We need to find a solution to this ongoing problem. As much as I think they can look after them selves, I still worry about them. I don’t think there are any documented , true reports of civilians killing one. Government may be a different story. Never the less there needs to be a world wide ban on hunting these people for any reason.

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