Sasquotes, Wisdom of the Hairy People, by Graham MacSkimming

Our friend Graham MacSkimming just published a book entitled ”Sasquotes, Wisdom of the Hairy People (Quantum Quotes)”, in which he mention me (SunBôw), Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis and other authors in the field of Sasquatch communication.

SASQUOTES: Wisdom of The Hairy People is the first book in a continuing series of publications containing brief quotes derived from telepathic conversations with anomalous beings. SASQUOTES features quotations derived from instances of what the author calls “Quantum Communication” (an original take on the phenomenon of telepathy). In this first book of the “Quantum Quotes” series, author Graham MacSkimming compiles excerpts from telepathic conversations with the anomalous beings known as Sasquatch, a predecessor to Homo Sapiens known to inhabit the North American wilderness. The reader will find that the nature of each “Sasquote” is of vital spiritual and educational value, and that any of these quotes can be used as a daily inspiration, or for spiritual, informational, and geomantic purposes. Turn to any page in the Sasquotes section, and experience a rare glimpse into the collective and individual minds of Man’s closest living relative. Derived from the author’s ongoing firsthand and psychic Sasquatch experiences, his comprehensive documentation of the “Sasquotes” is presented without embellishment or unnecessary editing. Employing a minimalistic approach which values brevity, the compilation of SASQUOTES: Wisdom of The Hairy People presents one quotation per page, a concise and simple format for the reader’s convenience and for quick access to information. The background behind MacSkimming’s Sasquatch and Sasquatch-related experiences is provided in a detailed, revealing introduction, while the term “Quantum Communication” is explored in the preface. SASQUOTES also contains a contact list of “Hairy People” whom the author has contacted with Quantum Communication, including their names, a pronunciation guide, individual backgrounds, and a quotations index (the “Sasquotes Index”).

Here is a short excerpt Graham posted today:

“Flowers bloom in spring and provide us with their divine fragrances. The colours too are a boon and a healing power. Will your people, the Humans, one day be more like flowers? Refreshing the world with sacred medicine and brightening it with a rainbow of colour. When will you decide, which is your truth? A big dark doom, or a harvest of love, good will, and unity? You can choose, you have that ability, let’s see all life choose to love.”

– Tatal-ta’a of the E-Takan-Tatanta


Tatal-ta’a is the wife of “Samuel” (given name Katan-Tata). She is a mother and is known as a Wise Woman by her tribe. The author, Graham MacSkimming, had an unexpected face-to-face encounter with Samuel, which led to a direct meeting between himself and the Hairy People known both as:

* The Ancient Ones (see the work of Kewaunee Lapseritis)
* Momo (“The Missouri Monster”)
* E-Takan-Tatanta (native language term the author has
received from the Ancient Ones via Quantum

This meeting between the author and the E-Takan-Tatanta is described in the Introduction of SASQUOTES – Wisdom of the Hairy People.

These vastly intelligent, spiritually evolved and distinct group of Sasquatch People/Hairy People can be distinguished from other genetic groups. Neither do the men nor the women have facial hair, but have thick, long hair covering all other regions of the body (except the hands and feet). Their facial features are very Human-like, with slim, streamlined noses, and proportionately moderate-sized mouths. Their features, are, however, robust, with markedly large foreheads with highly-pronounced brow ridges. They even possess a continued brow ridge along both the left and right sides of the cranium. Their skin is extremely pale, a kind of grey hue. Their appearance is definitely not far from that of a Human’s, but they are, as you may expect, usually 7-10 feet tall as full grown adults. My descriptions are specific as an eyewitness, and after having taken many photographs in a habituation area in Missouri known by the Ancient Ones as Enkata-tatones.


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