Sasquatch speaks the language of frequencies, by Shekinah

By Shekinah

Sasquatch literally feel and speak the language of vibration, frequency, the waves of creation. They are adept at being attuned to leylines aka Dragonlines and portals stargates. They are master speakers communicators of star languages and light languages because they are deeply connected to the vibrational scale.

They know where the energy is off, they like the Bee nation are very attuned to the Torsion Fields. When they come to heal us they know like a detector where the energy is off and they are able to balance these energies like an Acupuncturist working with the meridians the nadis which in the earth are the leylines and portals or vortices which in our body are like the chakras and points where we do Acupuncture Acupressure or Shiatsu. They like a dog can sniff cancer, they can do psychic surgery they can recalibrate our vibrational scale and they are constantly working on our planet balancing Mother earths own voltages and power grids.

I began connecting with Sasquatch lucidly when I met Sunbow, he activated me. However, my connection has always been there. I come from the Muuuurrrrrr Folk, Mermaidia and am more connected to the water and to the Ocean. Yet, Sasquatch have always worked alongside our people and have always been our close close friends as well as the Fey, the Gnomes, the many elemental beings of creation which have more or less always played with one another in trust and have some times been tricksy like the pixies but had at one point never had wars and battles dramas and traumas …

In ancient days and in ancient ways we would all work together in love singing the songs of creation alighting the earth in songs of love and light that would allow for the absolute purefection of the vibrational scale of Gaia.


4 thoughts on “Sasquatch speaks the language of frequencies, by Shekinah”

  1. Makes sense to me. Ties into my thoughts into why they usually try to stay away from humans. Humans are very emotional and get freaked out when they see one and can’t handle the fear and are scatter brained. To which the sasquatch have a hard time handling; because, of the intensity of fear. They are a very unique and intelligent creature. Dave

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