Questions about Meditation

Questions about Meditation.

From a reader:

You were saying last time that you went into the forest to meditate; I know quite a bit about meditation in particular the one they practice in Thailand which is “Vipassana” but what I would like to know is when you meditate yourself how do proceed? Are you using mantras or are you repeating a sentence or sentences? I need to know if you’ve received some advice from Kamooh about meditation. If it’s to long to write it down I’ll not mind calling you. I need your opinion about this as soon as you can.
Merci Thierry

Reply from SunBôw:

Meditation is addressed in Book 2 and 3 (of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity).

There are many ways to meditate, depending on the needs and situations. The first technique I learned is the silencing of the mind consisting in clearing the mind from all thoughts. There are other techniques that observe the thoughts and emotions as passing clouds to better process them. Other techniques can use mantras, or chants to raise the vibrations. Others focus on the Divine Light and sound inside. There are also visualization of all kinds, either of the aura and energetic bodies, or to awaken the chakras, or for remote viewing. There is no magical recipe that will work for all or all the time. You have to follow your inner guidance and intuition to find what type of meditation suits you best in any occasion.

To communicate in telepathy with the Sasquatch or any other being, I usually find this place of pure Peace and Love within and radiate this energy in the direction of the beings I address. I can formulate intentions and blessings to strengthen the manifestation of the energy sent, and pay attention, staying receptive to what I receive. Raising individual consciousness to the Oneness Unified Field allows instant connection with all beings and communication with those who can connect with that consciousness field. Meditation basically develops in forms and power with practice…

6 thoughts on “Questions about Meditation”

  1. I have a interesting happening in the area of Nanaimo river. There was a group of 4 people partying on the river. One of the guys wasn’t into the event so he went up the river and decided to meditate; while the other guys partied. He was meditating for about half an hour when he opened his eyes and found 3 sasquatches surrounding and looking at him. He’d never seen one before so it freaked him out so he ran down the river to where his friends were. So be calm and cool when you meet up with them(sasquatch). Dave

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