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Talking about Orbs

Talking about Orbs.

From a reader:

I’ve had a number of experiences that confused me for a long time until I watched some of Barb Shupe‘s videos on YouTube. I was astounded that I’ve had many of the same experiences that have been shared by them and attributed to Sasquatch. My intuition seems to confirm that they’ve been around me on a number of occasions. I’ve been coming to grips with that and accept it.

My question has to do with “orbs” at this point. Other than taking pictures, I’ve never visually experienced them before. I recently had a very “close encounter” with 4 large orbs. One was orange, basketball sized, and I’ve seen it most every time I go to a place here in CO. It travels around and then becomes stationary a 100 or so feet from my location. Three of them were very, very bright, white orbs about 8″ across with a blue ring around each. The lights did not “glow” but were extremely bright. I saw one traveling low to the ground among the sagebrush, another was stationary on the ground not far from me, and another was stationary about 25′ off the ground very close by.

I’ll admit I hit my overload button and was very fearful… I’m not proud of that, but at the time I was more concerned about possible government drones. As I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing them again, I’d like to know how to interact with them. What do they represent? Why would I have very close interaction with them? These weren’t the wispy transparent orbs I’ve seen photos of. These were seemingly intelligent and “interested” in me.

Can you, excuse the pun, shed some light on what I might have experienced and why?
I’ve obviously hit a point in my life where “the door” is opening for me and I’ve been astounded at all of the new experiences that have come my way. Any information you could share with me along this path would be greatly appreciated.

Blessings to you all!
VJ Williams

Reply from SunBôw:

Greetings VJ, Thank you for sharing your experience. There are many kinds of orbs, but in general they are an interdimensional plasma body used as vehicles by certain beings, whether departed souls, or beings gifted with interdimensional abilities like Sasquatch and Star People. They can vary in size, color, density and brightness. Some are invisible to the naked eye and only appear on digital photos, while some can be seen clearly with plain eyesight. In some cases, some people can see or perceive them while others next to them can’t. Some people have a special gift as well to take photos of orbs, whatever camera they use. Some people have the rare gift to call the orbs and have them come out and show up on photos.

The qualities and properties of an orb depend on the consciousness animating it. From my experience, certain bright orbs I have interacted with were spirit guides manifesting in the form of orbs at a special moment to bring specific instructions, teachings or confirmation. In certain orbs, faces can be seen, sometimes several in one orb. Orbs can often be observed traveling in flocks or groups or different natures, colors, sizes or brightness. Those clusters or flocks of orbs can at times draw faces or the outlines of beings when gathered as drops in clouds.

There are as well some spherical flying probes or drones that could look like orbs, but are used by the military or some aliens to spy, monitor, intimidate or conduct operations, even insert implants in some victims bodies. A few witnesses have told me of observing or having been stalked by such small flying spheres. In the case of your experience, it is hard to know exactly what you saw, having not observed it first hand. Your description make it sound like it could be some technological device or space probe, which doesn’t necessarily mean it is malevolent. I have seen a couple times some large bright orange spheres fly low and slow over some gatherings and it felt peaceful. Once two guys shone their laser pointers at it and it started flashing back really fast series of colored lights like a disco ball. It was astonishing. That might be a good way to verify their nature and interact by using a laser pointer and shining in their direction. It had proven successful with space ships for many. If they are spiritual beings, the laser beam should go right through the orb unaffected. If they are solid shapes, the light beam wouldn’t go through. Apart from this, telepathy and communication are always the best way to know who or what is there and learn how to interact.
If they come to meet you, they most likely know you and probably invite you to communicate. The choice is yours, just make sure you know their intention, and you can ask them. Trust your intuition and follow your guidance. We are not alone. Hope this answers your question. Best blessings on your quest…
Reply from VJ:

Thank you for your input. I’ll try to put my “big girl” pants on next time. I’ll also endeavor to stay calmer. I know full well that I’m protected by my spirit team, but that fear thing is a bugger-bear to deal with….The place I go is very isolated but it sure isn’t boring. ha
As a little side surprise, I recently discovered what looked at first like just a sandy rock in my bedroom window sill under the curtains. It is most definitely not something I picked up and put there, and no one goes in my room but me. When I looked at it closer, in profile it looks like the head and neck of a Sasquatch! Obviously it is a now cherished gift and I have it in a place of honor. Maybe they felt bad about scaring me. ha No matter what, I am touched by their thoughtfulness. Life is such a wondrous adventure!
Thank you again for your kindness.
Photos of orbs taken by Derrell Stokes, at the 2019 Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat.
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