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Experiencer story by Judith Magill, from California

By Judith Magill

It’s definitely Fall in the northern California Sierra Nevada. It’s cold at night and the stars are super bright in the high altitude air. I felt an impulse to get out of bed at 4 AM last night and go out to the deck to watch the sky. Sometimes my forest family visitors will gift me with a tree knock, a rock thrown into the pond, or some Owl hoots when I’m on my nighttime forays outdoors. Usually it’s a minor interaction but I always love each one and I can feel my frequency rise as I get happier when they’re nearby. It’s another gift they give to me. They zap me with good juju.

Last night I got it all. I stepped out and immediately heard thumps on the ground about 15 feet away in the dark next to the cattails around our pond. I got a little nervous at the proximity and tried to settle down and listen. I also noticed a continuous higher pitched howling in the distance, very typical of what I’ve heard on some recordings. Big long Wooooooos. The howling I’ve heard around my home in the past has typically been very deep howling more like godzilla roaring, which is totally freaky, but this wasn’t like that. It was far away and certainly not a coyote or cougar, or other small creature. This had serious volume and lasted for about 20 minutes continuously.

Two other sounds came on very suddenly amidst these other noises. One was a very loud Owl call right across the road. I know this big Owl and she’s been visiting me for about 5 years when she’s in the area. There were also other owls I could hear further in the distance as well, using the same call. I’ve searched for this particular Owl call online and have never been able to match it to traditional owl calls in the western US. It’s the unique Sasquatch hoot in this area, and plenty loud.

The other sudden and startling sound was like a huge street sweeping machine with a lot of air rushing. Truthfully it was so loud that I thought something terrifying was coming towards me from down the hill and I felt some fear, but it stopped after about 30 seconds. Keep in mind it’s 4 AM in the middle of nowhere! It’s basically undisturbed forest for miles and the few neighbors I have don’t start up machines in the middle of the night. I know the forest people can make these strange mechanical sounds but I’ve never heard that before myself. Wow. I’m super impressed.

This beautiful symphony of sounds lasted about 25 minutes. It was quite cold so I went back to my cozy bed with a big smile on my face. I’m so appreciative that they think of me and come by to say howdy when they’re around. I’m soon to go on an Ayahuasca journey and I’ve invited them to join me. I’m hoping to deepen my relationship with them and my entire spirit family. My life is so blessed.

2nd message:

A week or so ago I wrote an experiencer story about a lot of activity around my home in Long Barn, CA. On one night I had 6 or more “Owls” out there singing to me in the dark and the next night there was continuous howling in the distance and hellhound type of barking up the road (no dogs or people up that way). For those 2 days I had also started having strong colorful visual experiences that let me know that the plant and toad medicines I was about to partake in had already tuned into me. Those metaphysical teachers were waiting for me to arrive to this Ayahuasca, Bufo and psilocybin retreat, which ended yesterday. All I can say about that is Wow! Anyone want to be instantly blown through the fabric of this reality and into the next and beyond, try Bufo. Holy sh*t!
I now realize that my noisy clan had been very excited for me to journey into these other dimensions and were giving me a really good vocal send off. However I did invite them to join me and they certainly did!
I had driven about 4 hours from my home to attend this medicine retreat. Almost immediately we were surrounded by many Owls that could be heard out in the Redwood forest. Again there were at least 6 of them with all vocal ranges of “hoos”, sometimes so anxious to call out that they were vocally sort of competing. I was nervous for the taking of the strong medicines and they were right there to support me.
I had a very rough but transcendent first night and I was comforted knowing that my people were with me. I could hear them continuously from inside the yurt we were using for ceremony. Once they knew I was going to be OK, hours later, it seemed like they all left and went back home, or maybe they just quieted down to observe my process. After that first difficult night I think I heard only one Owl hoot perhaps twice. In any case they were so loving and precious to be with me.
We did have some small bits of telepathic communication and it was mainly just to reassure me. We’re here. We love you. I have a good feeling now that I’ve been through these powerful interdimensional experiences that they and I will be ever closer as family. Doors opened for me. Obstacles were removed. As always I’m so grateful.
I did have chances to teach a few of my fellow students about what was going on with me and the small army of Owls I brought along, and I learned that a couple other people were probably being contacted but weren’t recognizing the activity. I pray for them to embrace the opportunity to join our Forest People community. Thank you for reading my story.

sasquatch walking at night

4 thoughts on “Experiencer story by Judith Magill, from California”

  1. I was very touched by the experience you shared about your forrest family and their concern and protection for you!! Amazing story, thank you for sharing!!

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  2. Hello Judith, Thank you for sharing this amazing story of yours. It truly is wonderful to connect, overcome fear and bless the journey inwards. Continue with your updates on the Animal medicine, clearing your path with Spirit alongside. Namaste Pat

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