The All One, No Space and No Time, by Michael Harrell

By Michael Harrell (Note: SCENIC did not edit or correct this text)

The All One, No Space and No Time

I am in you and I am you. No one can

understand this until he has lost his mind.

~ Rumi

This is the question asked of this book.” What is the relationship between Consciousness, our Cosmology, and Contact with Non Human Intelligence via the Contact Modalities”.  The Experiencer chapters will address this question but will primarily focus on their diverse experiences via the Contact Modalities and what is their personal hypothesis on how their diverse experiences might be interrelated.

My name is Michael Harrell. I’m a 69 year old retired carpenter living in Savannah, GA. Rey Hernandez is my friend and we have often talked, back from the time he had his mission of connecting all known contact modalities, given to him by his ET contact while driving on a Miami freeway in 2013. I am a moderator on his Facebook group Now called The Contact Modalities – Consciousness & Contact, from its beginning. I am an experiencer of many types of non human intelligent (NHI) beings and have been conscious and physically aboard several space craft. I am also an ex-mystic meditator and have reached God realization. To define this, God realization is to see the light of God inside you while you are meditating. This is a state that can be reached by any human and is different in duration from an enlightened man. An enlightened man is one who reaches God realization and keeps going until the light inside him is constant and never leaves him. And this is different in quality and power to an enlightened guru who can transfer his enlightened spark to his devotees. This is what initiation into a yoga like Kriya Yoga is about.

I have met with four enlightened men in my life and one enlightened Sasquatch. I have also had three initiations (direct transfer of energy used in meditation) in my life. One from a master human guru. One from The Mother Of Everything (the darkness that generates the light of life, The Will.), and my last initiation was in 2015 by a 7,000 year-old Sasquatch man who was from the same clan and related to Hanuman. Still in his body and still doing his thing helping Mother Earth (who is also a conscious being and a fractal or aspect of the Mother of Everything). Hanuman and Lord Ram are the main characters in the Hindu text the Ramayana, As the supreme example of devotion to God, Hanuman is fallowed by 5.5-6 hundred million people in India. This would make Hanuman the 5th largest religion and Buddhism the 6th.

vanara vanara kings consultation

Before having conscious contact with any non human intelligent beings in the style of what has now been studied and resourced by the FREE Foundation, I had my last formal Kriya meditation in 1990. During this meditation my head opened up and I saw an entire universe in my head. Not surprised or even caring much how it was that my head now had an entire universe that I could see, the intuitive feeling came that this was “my universe.” Now, what is astounding looking back is how normal the feeling was. “Oh, there is my universe inside my head. OK no big deal…” Then some preverbal voice asked if I wanted to be the God of this universe and hinted that the current God was inadequate. Not doing a good job at being God. I thought about it and I said no thank you and went and finished my last meditation, not knowing how deeply this would change me. This event had a profound effect on me. I stopped seeking the light and my love of God came to a crashing halt. I soon entered into a classic midlife crisis, even breaking up with my millionaire girlfriend. The house cat ran away and I lost my job. My girlfriend owned three properties in two countries including the house we shared in Florida so I was soon to be out of my house. Boom Bang that part of my life was over. I am not sure this counts as a conscious contact but that damn universe stayed in my opened head for three weeks. It was hard on my world-class bad self image and low self esteem to be talking to my boss and see his face while an entire universe floated above my head. Much like a split screen. The lower part was normal 3d and the top of the screen was “my universe.”

It was clearly time to do some emotional healing and to discover my life mission: I came to realize I wanted to know why it is humans get so wounded and damaged. This quest and question was burned into me in my mothers womb. How I came to this realization is a long story with lots of grace and synchronicities that keep my feet on a healing path. This process involved a lot of primal scream work.It turns out that deep emotional healing is a messy business. I was born in a hurt locker and much like the mouse playing dead in the cat’s mouth, I was numb and disassociated from my pain and my adverse childhood experiences. So deep was my pain from before my birth and after that it drove me reaching for God realization, to end my denied pain. Pure spiritual by pass is far more common than is known in enlighten men and God-realized people. I had found my primal pain and lost my only hope for any relief in my God Realization. God, it turns out. had a beginning and had a limit or end. Thus God was not actually the fundamental reality any more than we or the stars are. We, all matter and God are emergent properties of what I call Will. (the darkness between stars and galaxies)

While doing my self-healing work I recovered my memory of all my past lives and the entire history of earth. All the way back to the creation of the stars and planets and to being in the Godhead, watching each order of spirits emerge. I went even further back to the first creation, which was the emergence or awakening of God as light and along with him Lucifer as first light. I saw that before there was God there was Will and the Darkness of Space so vast it would take hours to describe it. Will is also Desire and is the mother of everything. It was her stirring and desire for the other (the light, who is her opposite and both child and husband), that caused the stirring of the darkness that awoke from the void which we now call God. So God had a beginning and he had denied rage as Lucifer. Who knew? Think of a cosmic explosion from bliss that was both creative and loving and destructive and wounding or hateful. The hurtful part came first and this is why Lucifer is called first light and Gods light is called loving. I could not have experienced the memories from before God emerged and the resulting manifestation of this visible universe unless the All One No Space and No time were a fundamental truth.


Beyond God Realization and beyond Primal Healing is the people who explore and reach Unity Consciousness.

This category of a being state known as Unity Consciousness or the Non Duality experiencers. It is they more so than the enlightened men that my report is about. Consciousness, our Cosmology, and Contact with Non Human Intelligence in unity consciousness is impossible. First they experience no separate identity so have no point reference of consciousness to act or receive. Then for them there is no time no space and no cause or effect, This means there is no cosmology and that nothing ever happens. As my friend Steve Malloch says rightly it is hard to fallow the bouncing ball when they speak. Stay with these random sounding quotes because they are in a different voice and from no place and no thing we can grasp.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj is one such man who experiences the All One and No Space.

Whatever has a form is only limitations imagined in my consciousness.

The World is but a show, a make-belief.

The World I perceive is entirely private, a dream.

Desire and fear come from seeing the World as separate from my-Self.

While I see the dream as real, I’ll suffer being its slave.

~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Another such man who is engaged with non-duality is Karl Renz

out of Germany, who writes:

Recognize everything as a lie, specially the one who recognizes everything as a lie”.

That which is requires no integration, and that which is not will never be integrated. Recognize the perfect realization of Reality and be what you are. Everything is exactly the way it is, because Being has manifested itself this way and not otherwise.”

Nothing in the dream is done by me.

Yes, for being what you are no work or development is required. All concepts, of way, development and even cognition, appear with the first I-thought. This first idea creates time, space and thus the entire universe. And as long as this I-thought appears to be real, which means separation (twoness, suffering), there appears the desire for unity and herewith the longing for a way out, for an end of suffering.”


Who cares about an enlightened phantom? Only the other phantoms. It always needs a community of ignorant ideas and one of them maybe is a master -ignorant. The master of ignorance! There are no masters of knowledge. How can there be a master of knowledge ? How can there be a master of Heart? You can only be a master of shit.”

~ Karl Renz. Worry And Be Happy: The Audacity Of Hopelessness

The Self reveals itself to itself, in its Omnipresence, in the eternal Now. A disciple co-appears with a teacher like a question implies its answer. Out of desirelessness a desire arises in time and dissolves itself in its fulfillment, just as every question finds redemption through an answer. This is the karmic law of consciousness. So, no teacher and no students, only questions and answers.”

~Karl Renz on What is enlightenment.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and Karl Renz plus many more who experience the ALL ONE, NO SPACE and NO TIME of Unity Consciousness as their core reality completely destroy classical physics. Nothing is physical and with no separation there is no cause and effect so no physics as it is known historically. But modern quantum physics has found the limit to the physical and are peeking into the void of subject object .

Erwin Schrödinger was an Austrian theoretical physicist who achieved fame for his contributions to quantum mechanics. Schrödinger held the view that there is just one consciousness. For example, he has written :

I submit that both paradoxes will be solved (I do not pretend to solve them here and now) by assimilating into our Western build of science the Eastern doctrine of identity. Mind is by its very nature a singulare tantum. I should say: the over-all number of minds is just one. I venture to call it indestructible since it has a peculiar timetable, namely mind is always now. There is really no before and after for mind. There is only a now that includes memories and expectations. But I grant that our language is not adequate to express this, and I also grant, should anyone wish to state it, that I am now talking religion, not science.”

Schrödinger, What is Life?: With Mind and Matter and Autobiographical Sketches, p. 134–135

We never in fact have any experience anywhere of a plurality of consciousness but always and everywhere only of consciousness in the singular. This is the one and only perfectly certain piece of knowledge.

Schrödinger, Erwin. My View of the World. (Woodbridge, Connecticut: Ox Bow, 1983). p. 34.


The mystical teaching of the ‘identity’ of all minds with each other and with the supreme mind…is clinched by the empirical fact that consciousness is never experienced in the plural, only in the singular.’;


A current researcher is Donald D. Hoffman on Objects and Consciousness. A few of his quotes point to a deeper understanding of reality and if true the a new science with a new name will be in order.

There is another rejoinder: “The interface metaphor is nothing new. Physicists have told us for more than a century that solid objects are really mostly empty space. So an apparently solid stone isn’t the true reality, but its atoms and subatomic particles are.”


Physicists have indeed said this since Rutherford published his theory of the atomic nucleus in 1911 ( Rutherford, 1911). But the interface metaphor says something more radical. It says that space and time themselves are just a desktop, and that anything in space and time, including atoms and subatomic particles, are themselves simply icons. It’s not just the moon that isn’t there when one doesn’t look, it’s the atoms, leptons and quarks themselves that aren’t there. Object permanence fails for microscopic objects just as it does for macroscopic


The interface theory entails that these first two steps ( the world is not flat and it is not stationary) were mere warm up. The next step in the intellectual history of H. sapiens is a big one. We must recognize that all of our perceptions of space, time and objects no more reflect reality than does our perception of a flat earth. It’s not just this or that aspect of our perceptions that must be corrected, it is the entire framework of a space-time containing objects, the fundamental organization of our perceptual systems, that must be recognized as a mere species-specific mode of perception rather than an insight into objective reality.


If our reasoning has been sound, then space-time and three-dimensional objects have no causal powers and do not exist unperceived. Therefore, we need a fundamentally new foundation from which to construct a theory of objects. Here we explore the possibility that consciousness is that new foundation, and seek a mathematically precise theory. The idea is that a theory of objects requires, first, a theory of subjects.

~ Donald D. Hoffman Objects of consciousness Frontiers in Psychology 17 June 2014

To move the ball down the field more toward the goal of, What is the relationship between Consciousness, our Cosmology, and Contact with Non Human Intelligence via the Contact Modalities,” I feel it is important to back up a step or two. When the entire cosmos does not exist as an absolute separate reality and everything is connected in the All One with time and space along with all beings human or not (because we are actually interface artifacts), then contact modalities do not exist at all. In fact, it’s impossible because in order to have contact you must first have separation. Without separation the idea of contact is fake and artificial like contact with yourself; when you are already yourself you cannot disconnect from yourself. And this just leads one to ask what is the definition of consciousness? For this, the only definition that has matched my personal experience with consciousness is from Penny Kelly. Penny is a well known Arthur and a scientist who has had a extensive full blown Kundalini awakening and had the theory and definition of consciousness dictated to her directly from the Primal core of the I AM.

A theory of consciousness from a talk by Penny Kelly.

We have this thing called mind and we have this thing called space. Mind is the awareness property of space. Space is the location aspect of mind. When you have a full blown Kundalini experience and go into that space called the void and all that is there is the awareness, called I AM. That is your basic ground of being. There is no movement there. There is no sound there. There is no motion there. There is nothing there. There is this incredibly blissful I AM awareness. Consciousness moves awareness does not move. Awareness just is. And when you go into that place of awareness the I AM awareness. You are in a state of orgasmic bliss in with you can not move. You are just frozen in that bliss. It is not something you want to leave either. And you do not have any self and no history no plants no animals no worlds there is nothing except this amazing powerful I AM. That is all that is there. And that my friends is the basis of everybody’s existents. That is a billion tiny particles, pinpoints of light that all hold nothing but that awareness ( of I AM ) And this was dictated to me by the stuff it’s self. “Mind is the awareness property of space.” Space is the location aspect of mind and that is perfictaiy quiet and still. If that stuff begins to move, what we have is an increase in energy. It changes state, raised to a higher state. And Mind transforms to become consciousness and space becomes energy. Consciousness is the feeling aspect of energy. Energy is the motion of consciousness. It is two sides of one coin. Energy and consciousness are one unit with two aspects. And that is your first step into what I call the possibility of a world. Consciousness is the feeling aspect of energy. And let me tell you all energy feels. Energy is the motion of consciousness. So if you have a powerful consciousness you are going to get more energy. You are going to have more energy. You are going to have a bigger energetic affect. So now the third stage of development is you have got this incredible ocean of seething energies, waves extra. What happens is because of the eddies and currents and whorl pools come together. Intense pressure builds up. And once that pressure builds up what you get is the formation of a particle. And that particle becomes a change of state. The energy becomes a particle and consciousness becomes intelligence. It is the nature of intelligence to cooperate and it is the nature of a particle to communicate. So now we have all the peaces in place to assemble particles and what happens is they begin to communicate, is they begin to say “ Hey look I can do this and I can do that” All most like little kids. Particles do almost the same things with almost the same joy and abandon. And they come together and create these assemblies. And those assemblies come together to create a pattern. And once you get a pattern, a working pattern there is all kinds of forms from bugs to humans. At that point intelligence is transformed into thought and these particles transform to become a pattern. Thought is the maintenance aspect of a pattern. A repetitive aspect. And the pattern is the demonstration of the sequence of thought to achieve a working model. So now we have gone all the way from source, which is the I AM quiet space. To Consciousness / Energy, change of state to Particle and Intelligence, change of state to Thought and Pattern and that becomes the basis for Form.

The ancients used to refer to the I AM. And we have pretty serious distortions of that. Just in the first commandment. If you intemperate the first commandment correctly it says a whole different thing. The way it is taught now in schools is “ I am the lord thy god and you shall not have strange gods before me.” Ok the true first commandment is “ The I AM is the lord your God and you will put noting as more important than that.”

From the video Stepping into New Worlds of Energy with Penny Kelly, ND part 3 of 3 ( Q & A )

Subhead :

ME Experiencing the All One, No Space and No Time

My experience in mid-September of 2019 I was once again bestowed with a glimpse into how the whole thing works. When I take my nap I listen to Sasquatch videos and do Heart Light Meditation. Lately, when I do this and the energy is right, I can see the Sasquatch that the person is talking about in the video. Sometimes they interact with me, in my head, as I say hello. On that night I got a “high five” hand slap from him. When the feeling is right and I am in my heart space, I can then let my love and heart energy flow out to all the Sasquatch in the world at one time. I dig doing this when it happens.

What’s actually taking place here is that I am engulfing the whole world with heart energy. During these sessions an idea will often pop into my head, and on that night I thought about all the Star Nations Beings who were around and sent love energy to them, too. To each race and kind that I could find.The images of these beings are never super clear, but are more felt with some actual shapes and dimensions. Some were close to the sun and some around the earth. After awhile our exchange ended and I heard a rock tossed at my window, so I figured I was being called outside. I lit my cigarette and walked around the street a bit.On my way back between the trees, I looked up and saw two stars.”Cool,” I thought, as I said hello to the star people. It was then that one of the fixed stars started to move! It wasn’t blinking, but moved in a pulsating action with the light very bright, not at all like an airplane. It moved into a few thin clouds and back out the other side, now above the clouds. It finally moved to a smaller third cloud but this light craft never emerged on the other side. As always, I was simultaneously gratified and humbled by their presence. That was it that night but “More” happened the next day. I went out for my morning walk and saw a cicada bug on my window screen and not a rock tossed as I had thought. Then as I walked down to the end of the street turned back to head home I found a dead baby squirrel just sitting on the road still soft and fresh. This squirrel was a gift from my Sasquatch mentor and elder letting me know he was with me last night and he was the one who dropped the fresh dead squirrel for me to know. This is the second time he has done this the first time was with a dead mole and it was dropped behind my back as I was standing on a trail.

To recap September 2019 I was listening to a man on a video from 2017 telling his story of being fallowed by a Sasquatch in the woods in 2009. I was seeing the actual event from 2009 in real time and interacted with the Sasquatch who was then in 2009 and now in real time gave me a high five to let me know that he knew I was watching this with my eyes closed from my heart viewer. Then in real time I connected to all the Star Nations Beings around this earth and gave them love and gratitude. Plunk, a cicada bug alerted me to get up and go outside and I happened to look at a light craft fly over me and go invisible for me. Next my mentor and friend Sasquatch elder also made it clear he too was with me and saw all that happened. That same next day in the evening I sent this story to Rey Hernandez who said I should white this story up for his new book. Both the Star Nations and Sasquatch people teach about the All One. No Space and No time. And this personal demonstration and contact experience was clearly just so, my example could be in this book. This is my experience of love in the All One, No Space and No Time gifted to me for all.


My personal hypothesis on how all

diverse experiences might be interrelated.

A metaphor for what the ALL One really means is to look at your computer screen. Your computer processor and Internet represent the All One, but you don’t see all that working intelligence—only your screen interface. In the same way, in “real life” we see trees and desks and walls and everything. But this is an interface, not the All One. The All One is a possibility wave/field and is connected beyond time and space. From the field of possibility this world and everything in it is a projection (like the pixels on our screen). We see interface and not the field, just as with our cell phones and computer screens. To see into the All One you have to walk your mind down into your heart. “Heart Light Meditation Mind” is fixed in the head but you can shift the location of your awareness. It’s like how we see our body from our head, but with practice you can move your mind down to your feet and look up at your body. It is this UNSTICKING of the center of your awareness that lets you see into the All One behind the screen. By looking out your heart you are actually not in space-time anymore. You are looking from no space and no time. On that side time and space are meaningless. Any time and any place can be felt (dialed up).

When viewing from your heart, size of objects does not matter, as it is like a Mandelbrot fractal set and all size is nested and can be expanded or shrunk. But what’s important here is that each reference point is the I AM, or the very location of the awareness. So you and me and the tree are each one point of light that is an I AM. And in the tree is each leaf that is the I AM location and on down to the atoms each a location of the I AM awareness. Each I AM projects to this 3D space and time into the atoms and parts of the tree and the earth and leaf that we see. So nothing exists but the I AM locations in the probability field of absolute inclusivity. This includes multi universes that are but projections from the All One/No Space/No Time into the visible and measurable.We are a location point of awareness ( I AM ) and are connected to all other I AM All One location points in No Space and No Time.

In my experience, that is how everything works. Consciousness is the “feeling” of the energy of the All One (in No Space and No Time). So by feeling any point you can actually connect to any point in psychological space and time. This is how remote viewing works. It is not remote and is not viewing. It is a direct feeling inside to our already connected point with all other connected points of the I AM. This is how I was able to “high five”a Sasquatch that was tuned to me watching him as his story was told over the “ Internet.” This is NO Space and the All ONE. And it provided a side benefit of seeing the star people flying over me clear as anything (after the bug was tossed at my window which prompted me to go outside). It may sound like crazy talk but is very clear to me. It also makes the mystery loads simpler to process, in my opinion. The NO Space the All ONE and No Time is also how music and physics are downloaded into this screen reality. Mindspeak (practiced universally among the Sasquatch people and with some humans) is the same. Who is talking or poking you is already in you as you at the time of the feeling or word. All of it—including our findings following our new understandings—will be done and is done already on the other side.

The echo download I got that day in mid-September, was a bit mind-bending. Not only is the Internet and computer screen a great metaphor for the ALL ONE, it is the actual interface with the All ONE made manifest on earth in physicality. And it gets even more remarkable this connection to the All One in the form of the Internet is a gift to us, but not from the cosmic ET space people as you might imagine. Instead (and I find this extremely fantastic), it is a gift from the Rocks on earth! I will repeat this. The link to the All One and interface with the core behind the veil is presented and orchestrated by the rocks. Let that sink in. The rocks inspired the early men who were playing and learning about electricity. Well, they found out that metal rock magnets when passed by a coil of copper (rock) wire produced current. And in this analogy, The God of Rocks brought light to this earth and everything changed. Resulting in radio and phones and the Internet—all made from rocks! From this gift we are connecting like never before and in an almost the exact way as the organic cosmic I AM and All One does to manifest this screen reality interface we see as the 3D world.

My Insights On The Parts Of Self And The All One

Contact with any being in time or space depends on each being omnipresent. No separation, no time and no space (All ONE)

At first society wants you to be Monophonic (One Separate Mind). But this isolation makes you crazy so you split from one person into two or more, known as Schizophrenia. But in reality we are polyphrenic, having a Spirit, a Heart, a Will and a Body each able to control your being by themselves and operate you ( as You ). This is our natural state… Each personality is connected to your higher being or oversoul, so Spirit connects to God (God

the Father), Heart connects to The Heart of Creation, Will connects to The Mother of Everything (the Divine Will), and then Body connects to The Father of Manifestation (God of Form). So we’re one overall nested polyphrenic being consisting of five parts in one, each connected to the corresponding higher aspect (gods). This is our natural human factory specs…

When having your outer single you, with four inner aspect beings below connected to the four higher beings is nine, or the number of completion. The geometry is a double tetrahedron or a six-pointed star. Where we are heading in our human evolution is to become omni-phrenic, having all beings inside us and “us” inside all beings. This is what we call unity consciousness or being ALL One. Our consciousness is in this double tetrahedron shape that is inside the cube of consciousness and inside of all is Will.( asking or prompting the questions ).

The How or What is contacting Who or What and Why? This brings us back to core themes in the consciousness and contact cosmos. On the one hand there is the hope for salvation enlightenment, God realization and unconditional love. On the other hand there is the void only, that is found by the (twoness separation suffering) driving the crack in the illusion. Suffering so great that only re-unity back with the ground of being will suffice. Penny Kelly in her definition of consciousness points to the absolute unity within the bliss of the I AM. Yet, Karl Renz and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj say that as soon as the I AM appears this is the fall into separation away from unity. In my view this is the case as this I AM had to be the void before it became the I AM. So I AM is a state of shock. As in,“I AM SO SCREWED.” (twoness separation suffering) What Penny Kelly’s definition of consciousness captures so well is the feeling of energy and all energy has a feeling.This is very useful and true on this side of the illusion interface. The shift in power that happens so that consciousness can feel energy is itself a trap. Consciousness is a cube with Will trapped in the box. Profoundly enough, consciousness is not the ground of being. Consciousness may be close to the core along with the I AM but is not fundamental. It does not exist unless it is in relationship to energy (bliss energy at this point.) Consciousness is trapped and bound by the limits placed on the energy that consciousness feels. ( the box ) The geometry of consciousness is the cube. Will trapped inside the confines of energy makes a top and bottom a left and right front and back with consciousness formed by Will bifurcation and trapped in the confines of this energy structure. Consciousness is trapped and confined Will.

Will is not a thing separate from any other thing. Will is the entirety of all potential and actual, inclusive of all potentials and qualities . To me words keep feeling the totality hidden (words are for hiding truth), the ground of being is absolute-inclusivity and unconditional love, AKA the All One.

Any step or exclusion away from absolute inclusivity and unconditional love ( into twoness separation ) is also a condition that results in something less than unconditional love.( a conditional drop in frequency and unity) The primal “ouch” of duality. To be clear, absolute inclusivity and unconditional love are not ideas and not in the world or realm of ideas. They are feelings. And the feeling is what I call The More. But the true name would be Will.Will is what is inside what Is. Also all that is resides in the inclusivity of the Will.The thing in itself is Will. As in Will,,Wish, Want. This comes before identity as in the I AM and comes before conscious awareness. What sets the energy of the universe in motion is Will wanting and wishing becoming the movement for More as the direction of the movement. As Will is inclusive and identity is exclusive ,Will can hold all feeling and at the same time be connected eternally and still feel for more. Not that much different than when stuffing yourself at a holiday dinner and at the peak of your fulfillment the feeling for MORE comes over you.This feeling of MORE is inclusive of unconditional love or the Heart of Creation. What Will wants is More and the More is also what is love. Will’s want is for more love. Now Will being formless wants More/Love as Form. The opposite of formless Will is the form of I AM so Will is the mother and wife of Form/God the Father. Form is the Father of manifestation so is one aspect of what we call God or you could say the body of I AM.

What is the cosmos? What is the meaning of life? How does it all work? Who am I ? Why is there war and suffering? Is there a God? The Self is revealed in its Omnipresence and does so with questions and answers, such as “what is the nature of consciousness and contact with the cosmos?” This Will, Wants and Wishes for us to ask and this is contact and the prime contact modality. The answer is already known and ready in advance. The answer is the great gift waiting to be given by Source/Will.( to be out of the box ) But before this great gift is given ( the most important ) by the omnipresent Will, us humans have to want it. Really want it with every fiber of our being. So the first gift given in contact is the question. The question is a contact modality or results from actual contact.You can see

this with contact. It drives people crazy and they seek the answers and researchers look high and low. Some may lose their jobs or get divorced or perhaps seek psychotherapy. Still the question drives them. And this is not just ET contact or the Sasquatch researchers or paranormal investigators.This is true for the mystic and the believers and the scientist and inventors and the music makers. All given a life-changing life driving question or several questions. All this is on the creative love side. But on the separation/trauma side it is the same. What is suffering? Why are we at war? Is there a reason for so much pain? All the gifts of questions from the More and the Will that are to break our routine and make us seek more than we know follow the mystery and urge us to find the ultimate answers. Thus get out of the box Will is trapped in. ( we call consciousness and self )The great answer to all of it is absolute inclusivity and unconditional love of the Will.

Out of desirelessness a desire arises in time and dissolves itself in its fulfillment, just as every question finds redemption through an answer. Every answer finds love in the question being planted, then asked. I will end with a message from an nonhuman intelligent being a Sasquatch who learned to write. So this is not channeled or over heard but written.

You world not the same as our world

You time not the same our time

You space not same our space

A thin cloth hang between

There places that open and shut

There is no I or me

We are all one

Each one is part of the whole

What one does all do

You may see us as Brother Crow

Or Brother Wolf

Listen to the stones

Speak to the trees

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    I visited the website after a long gap and I found your post. As I have decided to learn the same, your post seems an indication to me to pause and reflect. Kindly help me with the reply.

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