Report from the 3rd BC Psychic Sasquatch Gathering

By SunBôw

Report from the 3rd BC Psychic Sasquatch Gathering

The 3rd BC Psychic Sasquatch Gathering brought a wonderful family together in a high consciousness field to share wisdom and heart songs. We had a smaller group than last year, less than thirty, but a wonderful quality, with people coming from as far as Edmonton, Lethbridge, Vancouver, Toronto and Djakarta, to attend our event. Thanks to all who graced us with their presence and traveled to come meet us and learn with us.

Friday morning I found large 18-20” footprints meandering in the tall grass behind the house, that I showed to Kewaunee and Kelly when they visited. The weekend culminated when we were at Shekinah’s on the porch and series of thumps, wood knocks and branches cracking were heard very close around us for a good 20 minutes. We greeted them and especially the matriarch Shekinah has been channeling. A while later when I was ready to leave, Shekinah walked out with me and as we heard more wood knocks, she asked her forest friend to greet me on my way. I then called out and within seconds we started hearing hollering answering back from the forest. We kept hearing the happy hoots from the mountain and fast series of wood knocks close to us for a few minutes, until I drove away. When I arrived at home and turned to park, there was a clan of half a dozen standing in the headlights about 40 yards in front of me, on the trail with the footprints we had walked that morning. I left a spirit plate for them in the tree overnight but they didn’t touch it. Here are photos and videos. With my poor quality camera I could only film parts of each presentation and unfortunately, the memory card got full as Shekinah was starting her speech. These videos are to give the public an idea and share what we can, until we can afford better recording equipment to show better quality.

In case anyone wonders, it actually costed me to host this event, in spite of a good advertisement with posters locally and online, so if you think we’re in it for money you got that wrong. We are actually reconsidering about doing it again. It seems like our steady work benefits many people, but if we can’t get enough to get by, we’ll have to find another way. On this note, I’d like to remind our readers that I answer questions and emails daily, offer advice and consultation, edit and relay texts and write articles, spend hours daily documenting, networking, and informing, but we haven’t received any donations in many months. If you like this website and want to support the disclosure, please remember to support the ones involved full time in it. In the next coming months, I’ll be traveling, so while I won’t be so much online, I’ll be busy documenting our pilgrimage. During that time, support and donations from readers will be greatly appreciated to continue doing this work. See links on the Home page. Thanks and blessings to all…

Kewaunee’s speech (excerpts)

Kelly’s speech (excerpts)

Erik Koppe’s speech (excerpts)

Eric Jensen’s speech (excerpts)

Shekinah’s intro




More photos by Kelly:

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