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Perspectives of a Mohawk Elder on Sasquatch

By SunBôw

Perspectives of a Mohawk Elder on Sasquatch

Tonight, I had the blessing to meet Mohawk Elder Dennis Nicholas, who works at the Waseskun Native Healing Center near here, as he was invited to come and meet me. Dennis is a true wise Elder and a keeper of the False Face mask medicine of the Iroquoian tradition, that are said to carry living spirits. It was an honor to receive his advice and guidance, to hear his stories and knowledge, namely about Sasquatch, and to receive his blessings for the journey I am about to take to Australia to do a documentary on the various types of Hairy Humanoids known to live in that land down under.

Elder Dennis told me more than can recall or report here, but here are the highlights.  From his perspectives within the Mohawk tradition, the beings we call Sasquatch are spirit beings that were born with creation and are one with Nature; they are everywhere and can manifest anywhere, any time, in many ways. When they show us a face, it’s for our understanding of the consciousness they carry. They are part of an energy that comes in many forms, not all of them are hairy or tall. The Mohawk call this energy Ogumsa, which he said cannot be translated, but carries the meaning of Grandfather.

It is Ogumsa that the False Face Society represents in their masks to allow this energy to live in the ceremonial masks. The False Faces are known to be alive. As an example, some masks that were exhibited in a museum in New York were returned to the tribe after they were first observed moving around on their own at night, and then later the museum burned down to ashes and everything was lost except the False Face masks.

Elder Dennis told me that you do not play or mess with Ogumsa because he can mess with you. He gave the example of a man he knew who tried to use the power without the permission of Ogumsa and had series of accidents and bad lucks occurring in his life.

But if you are not after ego or power, but seek learning and healing, and if you honor Ogumsa, Ogumsa will clear the way for you and bring you great magic and blessings. Elder Dennis recognized the Sasquatch medicine I carry and offered his blessings for my journey. He told me that powerful medicine and sacred ancient teachings are awaiting me there. In the Australian bush he said, I will learn to overcome my fears with the medicine. There was more to our conversation but here is a summary.


As a side note, last night I was asked to do a pipe ceremony and we prayed for all our relations. Then I went outside and saw half a dozen two foot tall Hairy Humanoids fade in one by one, with the last one appearing being in front of the others, with his hand on a tree and his eyes shining, apparently their leader. They stood there on the snow for a few minutes, like garden gnomes, observing me curiously. I realized we never hear of these small Eewok like folks on Turtle Island, but knew they are well known in Australia.

I wrote to Kagi Taka Raven who told me they are the Junjeri, and that he had also just done a ceremony asking our hairy friends to be with me on the way to Australia.

Today, Hale Mednick who produced the films Oracle, Sasquatch Speaks (Part 1Part 2Part 3) and Ascension donated to us one of his cameras he used at the Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat in Chewelah to make his film. This will be a fantastic upgrade to our recording equipment to produce a quality documentary on our Rainbow Serpent sacred pilgrimage around the tribes, sacred sites and mysteries of the land of Oz down under.

Thanks to all our readers for your interest and support. Best blessings to all…

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