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Dream of Sasquatch, by Vicky Burgess Kristensen

Dream of Sasquatch, by Vicky Burgess Kristensen

Hello everyone! I have something I would like to share with you. Earlier this year I had a session with a hypnotherapist who specializes in past life regression. One of the main things I wanted to look into was whether I had has past life experiences with Sasquatch.

While in a hypnotic state I did indeed see the Sasquatch people. I found my self in buckskin dress and tall moccasins. The trees were bare and there was light snow on the ground. I could see I was in a small woodland village. It was made up of rounded houses and lodges. They were made of birch bark and bent pols. I personally haven’t seen these types of shelters in my current life, so I found this quite interesting. On a trip to Ohio this fall, I did some touring of mounds and found depictions of the same huts. They were from the Late Woodland period 500-1200 CE.

In this time I was a native Medicine Woman. I had a hut full of herbs roots berries mushrooms etc. In winter the Sasquatch would come down from the mountains. They would bring us gifts such as deer etc. and I would give them herbs roots and medicines. We were friends with the Sasquatch people. They helped protect our village from bears etc. and we shared what we could with them.

The experience when the on from there but that’s a story for another day.
Here is a drawing I did to represent that picture in my mind.

Vicky dream

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